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What are the guidelines for meaningful one-time service events hosted by a partner?

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What are the guidelines for meaningful one-time service events hosted by a partner?

We encourage all campus and community agency partners to coordinate service events through the ACSLP office for students to earn community service and service learning credit.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:
1) A proposal must be submitted to the ACSLP office four weeks in advance of all One- Time-Service Events. The event must clearly address the following:
a. What is the community/civic focus of this event? What population will be supported/assisted/improved through NCCU student participation in this event?
b. What will students learn as a result of participation in this event?
c. What are students expected to do to earn service credit? What measure will be used to determine if a student has successfully completed the event?
d. How will event participation be monitored?
e. Who is in charge of volunteer participation? Will this person sign-off on student time sheets?
f. How will students have direct contact with the population they are supporting/assisting/improving or (if direct contact is inappropriate) learn about the population they are supporting/assisting/improving. (We encourage an educational component either through experiential activities with the population or through educational activities that allow students to learn about the population for which they are volunteering – see notes #1 and #2)

2) Collecting Donations: When the One-Time-Service Event includes collected donations an activity should be planned to allow students an opportunity to learn about the population for which donations are being collected.

3) Indirect Contact events: We realize that not every One-Time-Service Event involves direct contact with the population being supported/assisted/improved. However we ask that some aspect of the event be devoted toward helping students understand the relationship between the event activity and the population being supported/assisted/improved. Example: Walk-A-Thons are asked to host an educational component for students to learn about the issue being addressed through the Walk A-Thon.

4) Each One-Time-Service Event must include an academic reflection component. Once a proposal is submitted to the ACSLP office, the ACSLP staff can assist the agency partner in writing a reflection component.

5) After the proposal is approved and suggestions modified the agency partner must complete a One-Time-Service Event online registration four (4) weeks in advance. ACSLP staff will contact agency partner no later than 2 weeks before event to indicate approval and service credits that can be granted for event.

6) Once the One-Time-Service Event registration is approved the event will be posted to the ACSLP website for students to view and to register for the event.

In you have further questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Ruby Messick at 919 530-5384 or rmessick@nccu.edu, located at 200 Campus Drive,  Durham, NC 27707.

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