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How do I make a link to automatically (dynamically) lists my department's web resources?

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How do I make a link to automatically (dynamically) lists my department's web resources?

As a departmental Web Liaison, using Web Services' dynamic content saves you work, because the content is updated automatically, so you don't have to constantly update the page nor the links to that page. Plus, it ensures the Institutional web presence retains the most accurate and uniform content possible. Leveraging dynamic content is just plain smart.

EXAMPLE: Create a link on the left side navigation of your departmental web page that lists all the available FAQs specific to your department.

  1. Log into the CMS, navigate to your departmental site folder to make an Extra Link. See our CMS Reference Guide, to do this, if need be.

  2. Create a descriptive name for that link (AKA "Departmental Clubs and Organizations List")

  3. Insert the following link URL: http://www.nccu.edu/organizations/index.cfm?deptID=xxx, replacing the red "xxx" with your departmental ID code. Log into NCCU's Intranet to get your departmental ID here: https://www.nccu.edu/intranet/content/webliaison/deptidlist.cfm.

NOTE: The "deptID" is just a number Web Services uses in our databases to make our apps more robust and flexible, so you can also use the same method (above) to create automagically self-updating lists of:

  1. All Faculty and Staff in the OCD (Online Campus Directory) - Covered in a previous FAQ

  2. All your departmental Forms and Documents -
    http://www.nccu.edu/formsdocs/search.cfm?Department_ID=xxx (also in a previous FAQ)

  3. Your department-specific FAQs -

  4. Extracurricular / Online Training offered by your department


  5. Clubs and Organizations, specific to your discipline/department via the COD (Clubs and Organizations Database)

  6. Scholarships Available for your Academic Majors. These are already posted via the "Scholarships" link within the appropriate departmental pages.

  7. Degrees Offered to your Academic Major. Also, posted already via "Undergraduate Degrees" of the appropriate departmental pages. Hopefully, dynamically generated content for graduate degrees will also find its way into our database, soon.

Remember that URLs are case sensitive.

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