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Kofi Amoateng's photo

Amoateng, Kofi A.


Telephone icon (919) 530-7384
Ivy Baker's photo

Baker, Ivy C.

Senior Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6433
La-Tasha Best-Gaddy's photo

Best-Gaddy, La-Tasha L.

University Program Specialist

Telephone icon (919) 530-7889
Yvette Bonaparte's photo

Bonaparte, Yvette L.

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Telephone icon (919) 530-5556
Deborah Brame's photo

Brame, Deborah A.

Director, Student Professional Development

Telephone icon (919) 530-6138
Louise Brunson's photos

Brunson, Louise W.


Telephone icon (919) 530-6323
Monica Burnette's photos

Burnette, Monica

Adjunct Faculty

Telephone icon (919) 530-5022
Serafettin Cabukoglu's photo

Cabukoglu, Serafettin


Telephone icon (919) 530-7383
Karen Coleman's photo

Coleman, Karen

Business Officer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7513
NaTosha Crump's photos

Crump, NaTosha E.

Office Adm

Telephone icon (919) 530-5278
Steven Day's photos

Day, Steven W.

Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7394
Anderson De Queiroz's photos

De Queiroz, Anderson R.

Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6373
Yolanda Deaver's photos

Deaver, Yolanda B.


Telephone icon (919) 530-6457
LaTonya Everett's photos

Everett, LaTonya M.


Telephone icon (919) 530-6142
Carrie Florence's photos

Florence, Carrie S.

Adjunct Faculty

Telephone icon (919) 530-6376
Laura Graham's photo

Graham, Laura

Lecturer - Business Communications

Telephone icon (919) 530-6489
Donna Grant's photo

Grant, Donna M.

Associate Professor/ CIS Department Chair

Telephone icon (919) 530-7373
Deirdre Guion Peoples's photo

Guion Peoples, Deirdre T.

Associate Professor Marketing

Telephone icon (610) 348-3965
Tysha  Hansley's photo

Hansley, Tysha J.

Director of Student Support Services

Telephone icon (919) 530-6418
Sybil Henderson's photo

Henderson, Sybil S.

Assessment Director/ Leadership Faculty

Telephone icon (919) 530-6398
Jeanne Holmes's photos

Holmes, Jeanne J.

Adjunct Instructor

Telephone icon (919) 530-5018
Raghavan Iyengar's photos

Iyengar, Raghavan J.

Professor and Chair of the Department of Accounting

Telephone icon (919) 530-7378
Chris Jones's photos

Jones, Chris C.

Administrative Asst.

Erastus Karanja's photos

Karanja, Erastus

Asst. Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-5360
Yaw Kyei's photos

Kyei, Yaw


Telephone icon (919) 530-5154
Judy Land's photo

Land, Judy K.

Associate Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7611
Kayvan Lavassani's photo

Lavassani, Kayvan M.

Associate Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-5028
Tracie LeSane's photos

LeSane, Tracie N.

Finance and Operations Support

Telephone icon (919) 530-5158
Wanda Lester's photo

Lester, Wanda

Adjunct Faculty

Telephone icon (919) 530-6117
Mena Lewis's photos

Lewis, Mena L.

Executive Assistant

Telephone icon (919) 530-6458
Alisha Malloy's photo

Malloy, Alisha D.

Associate Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7515
Mahmud Mansaray's photos

Mansaray, Mahmud A.

Adjunct Instructor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7512
John McClain's photos

McClain, John W.


Telephone icon 919-530-
Henry McKoy's photos

McKoy, Henry


Telephone icon (919) 530-5007
Angela Miles's photo

Miles, Angela K.

Professor & Department Chair Business Admin

Telephone icon (919) 530-5009
Robert Moffie's photos

Moffie, Robert P.


Telephone icon (919) 530-7377
LaMona Moore's photo

Moore, LaMona P.

Administrative Assistant

Telephone icon (919) 530-7389
Bahar Movahedi's photos

Movahedi, Bahar

Adjunct Faculty

Telephone icon (919) 530-6142
Hosne Mridha's photos

Mridha, Hosne A.

Telephone icon (919)-530-6309
ABM Nasir's photo

Nasir, ABM E.

Professor of Economics

Telephone icon (919) 530-7372
Anthony Nelson's photo

Nelson, Anthony C.


Telephone icon (919) 530-6175
Brenda Parker's photos

Parker, Brenda

Student Support Serv. Asst.

Telephone icon (919) 530-6433
Fernando Patterson's photos

Patterson, Fernando

Asst. Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6131
Tenita Philyaw-Rogers's photos

Philyaw-Rogers, Tenita

University Program Specialist

Telephone icon (919) 530-7379
Michelle Roberts's photos

Roberts, Michelle S.

Executive Assistant

Telephone icon (919) 530-6323
Mark Rosso's photo

Rosso, Mark A.

Associate Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6386
Ibrahim Salama's photo

Salama, Ibrahim


Telephone icon (919) 530-7387
Karen Schnell's photos

Schnell, Karen


Telephone icon (919) 530-6376
Aditya Sharma's photo

Sharma, Aditya

Associate Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6148
Lei Shi's photo

Shi, Lei

Associate Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6375
Eric Shuler's photos

Shuler, Eric T.

Administrative Assistant

Telephone icon (919) 530-6405
Barry Shuster's photo

Shuster, Barry K.


Telephone icon (919) 530-5154
John Slade's photos

Slade, John R.

Lecturer & Assistant Director SYBEA

Telephone icon (919) 530-5053
Stephanie Smith's photos

Smith, Stephanie R.

Faculty Adjunct

Telephone icon (919) 530-5022
Cary Snow's photos

Snow, Cary

Chef Instructor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6791
James Stotler's photo

Stotler, James A.


Telephone icon (919) 414-7065
David Sulzen's photos

Sulzen, David F.

Adjunct Instructor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6457
Chandra Tedder's photo

Tedder, Chandra B.

Administrative Support Associa

Telephone icon (919) 530-6117
Sharon White's photos

White, Sharon D.

Associate Dean

Telephone icon (919) 530-6133
Keisha Williams's photo

Williams, Keisha M.

Director Marketing/Communications School of Business

Telephone icon (919) 530-6804
Lolita Wynn's photos

Wynn, Lolita

Adjunct Faculty

Telephone icon (919) 530-6487
Tanja Zatezalo's photos

Zatezalo, Tanja


Telephone icon (919) 530-5277
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