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Taking Exams at SDS

All requests for testing modifications, such as receiving extra time, using adaptive technologies, or taking a test in the SDS office, must be made three (3) business days in advance of the intended test date by using the Testing Modifications Form. This form is required for ALL exams to be proctored in the SDS office. If you are able to make arrangements for testing accommodations with your Instructor, you do not need to complete this form.

In addition, we have a Testing Instructions Sheet, with instructions for students and professors or instructors. Please download both forms for use when planning to test in the SDS office.

Testing Directions 

  1. There are four basic steps for requesting to take a test in the Student Disability Services Office:
    1. Student communicates to Professor their desired test date and time in the SDS Office.
    2. Student submits a Testing Modifications Form by email, or hand delivery to the SDS Office, 3 business days in advance of the scheduled test date
    3. Student receives email confirmation that their request has been received. (Please note your testing appt. is not confirmed until you have received an email or contact from the SDS Office).
    4. Once a confirmation email is received, student comes to the SDS Office on the scheduled date and time for the test
  2. Remember: it is the Student’s responsibility to communicate with their Professor that she or he wishes to take a test in the SDS Office. Students must communicate in advance to their Professor before submitting a Testing Modifications Form to the SDS Office.
  3. All Test Modifications Request forms must be received three (3) business days in advance, (not to include the day you submit the request form, nor the test day) to be processed for testing in the SDS Office. For example, if you have a test on Friday, the form would need to be submitted to the SDS Office by 5pm on Monday, allowing Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for processing. See the chart below for the day needed to get a test modifications form in:

If there is a test on Monday:

If there is a test on Tuesday:

If there is a test on Wednesday:

If there is a test on Thursday:

If there is a test on Friday:

The form must be received by 5 pm on the  Tuesday before

(allowing Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday for processing)

The form must be received by 5pm on the Wednesday before (allowing Thursday, Friday, & Monday for processing)

The form must be received by 5pm on Thursday before (allowing Friday, Monday, & Tuesday for processing)

The form must be received by 5pm on the Friday before (allowing Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday for processing)

The form must be received by 5pm on the Monday before (allowing Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday for processing)

  1. If a request is received after 5pm on a business day, or on a Saturday or Sunday, please note it will be considered to be received on the following business day. For example, if a Testing Modifications Formis received on a Wed. at 8pm, it will be considered to be received on Thursday. If it is received on Sunday at 2pm, it will be considered to be received on Monday.
  2. If the test is not be administered on the same day and time as your class is being given the exam, the Professor must give prior approval to the SDS Office for you to take the exam at a different time on the same day as the class, or on a different day.  This will be done on the Testing Instructions Sheet that the SDS Office emails to the Professor.
  3. If students are no-shows or re-schedule their exams more than two times, or two weeks past the original class exam date, exam arrangements must be made with the Professor in their department.
  4. Special circumstances: If students receive an exam notice from a Professor within three business days (and are therefore unable to provide three business days’ notice to the SDS Office), please email Mrs. Cox at, or Mrs. Nelson at to make arrangements, if space permits.

Testing Center Hours

9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday
After hours only upon approval of the Director.

Most tests will be taken in the SDS Learning Lab, in Room G-24 of the Student Services Building, as space is available. If the Learning Lab is full, the SDS Team will make arrangements for testing in another room near the SDS office.

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