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Taking Exams at SDS

Testing Modifications 

All requests for testing modifications, such as receiving extra time, using adaptive technologies, or taking the test Student Disability Services Testing Procedures for Students and Faculty

Steps for Requesting a Test

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with their professor(s) that she or he wishes to take an exam in the Office of Student Disability Services (SDS). Students should communicate in advance to their professor(s) before making an Exam Room Booking appointment in the SDS office’s new online system, Accommodate.
  1. Students must submit an Exam Room Booking appointment for approval online in Accommodate three (3) business days in advance of the scheduled test date. This is not to include the day they submit the request, nor the test day. Please see the chart below:

If there is a test on Monday:

If there is a test on Tuesday:

If there is a test on Wednesday:

If there is a test on Thursday:

If there is a test on Friday:

The appt. request must be received (allowing Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday for processing)

The appt. request must be received (allowing Thursday, Friday, & Monday for processing)

The appt. request must be received (allowing Friday, Monday, & Tuesday for processing)

The appt. request must be received (allowing Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday for processing)

The appt. request must be received (allowing Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday for processing)

  1. If an Exam Room Booking request is received after 5pm on a business day, or on a Saturday or Sunday, please note it will be considered to be received on the following business day. For example, if an Exam Room Booking Request is received on a Wed. at 8pm, it will be considered to be received on Thursday. If it is received on Sunday at 2pm, it will be considered to be received on Monday.
  1. If the Exam Room Booking appointment is approved by SDS, no further communication is given to the student. (If students receive an exam notice from a professor within three (3) business days, please email Birshari Cox at bcox@nccu.edu, to make arrangements, if space permits).
  1. The Accommodate System automatically emails the professor of the scheduled exam date to request that the exam be sent by email or hand delivery to the SDS office once the SDS Office approves the exam time
  1. If the professor approves of the student’s selected exam date, she/he will email or hand deliver the exam to the SDS office by 5 p.m. on the day before the scheduled exam date. If the SDS office does not have exams from professors by 5 p.m. on the day before the scheduled exam, the professor will be responsible for carrying out the accommodations, per ADA guidelines, in their department building, within 72 hours. (This is a new policy, effective immediately).
  1. If the professor does not send test instructions with the exam, the SDS office will use the class meeting time (50 minutes, 75 minutes, etc.) as the allotted test time, for the purpose of calculating a student’s extended time. The SDS office will not allow any other materials to be used during the exam, if they were not communicated on the Test Instructions Sheet.
  1. If the professor does not approve of the student’s selected exam date, the SDS office will contact the student and professor by email, to select a reschedule date.
  1. Testing on a Different Date/Time than the Class: If the test cannot be administered on the same day and time as a student’s class is being given the exam, the professor must give prior approval to the SDS office for students to take the exam at a different time on the same day, if feasible, or on a different date.  This will be done on the Test Authorization and Instructions Sheet that the SDS office emails to the professor. Back-to-back classes that prevent extended time accommodations and work schedules are the only exceptions to students not taking exams on the same day as the class.
  1. Students should arrive at the SDS office on the scheduled date and time for the test. If students are no-shows or reschedule their exams more than two (2) times, or two (2) weeks past the original class exam date, exam arrangements must be made with the professor in their department, if possible, or with the SDS office upon request.
  1. The SDS staff requires students to leave backpacks, purses, cell phones, or any other items other than writing utensils and calculators in the SDS office during testing. SDS staff proctors the exam by surveillance cameras in the testing rooms, and monitors the test sitting time, not to exceed the extended time allotted.
  1. SDS delivers the exam to professors within 48 hours after the exam is completed, by hand delivery to the professor’s office/department administrative team member, or by scan and email to the professor.

Terms and Notes

  • Time and a half accommodations – when students receive the amount of exam sitting time that the class receives, plus an additional half of that. (Ex: class receives 1 hour for timed exam, the student with time and a half accommodations receives 1.5 hours)
  • Double-time accommodations – when students receive double the amount of exam sitting time that the class receives (Ex: class receives 1 hour for timed exam, student with double time accommodations receive 2 hours)
  • Untimed or unlimited time tests – tests that are not timed or tests where professors give students “unlimited time” to complete (in this case, no time extended time accommodations are needed)
  • Blackboard tests – if professors give a timed test in Blackboard, professors must extend the time allotment for the student with extended testing time accommodations, either by an additional half, or by doubling the time. This can be done individually per student in Blackboard. Extended testing time accommodations do not apply to the amount of time the exam is “open” or available in Blackboard.
  • Proctoring in the department – if professors prefer to provide extended testing time accommodations in their department building, this is acceptable. But a separate, low distraction setting (other than the classroom), must be provided. Students with extended testing time accommodations should agree to this, and must not be coerced into taking the exam in the classroom, or in a busy office during office hours.
  • Providing everyone with extended time – providing all students extended time does not meet the definition of “extended time.” Students with extended testing time accommodations are to always be provided an extension of time beyond what the class was given, as part of “ensuring equal access,” by way of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Testing Center Hours

9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday
After hours only upon approval of the Director.

Most tests will be taken in the SDS Learning Lab, in Room G-24 of the Student Services Building, as space is available. If the Learning Lab is full, the SDS Team will make arrangements for testing in another room near the SDS office.

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