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Student Activities

  • Join the Association for the Study of Intelligence (ASI)
  • Field trip to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee (Fall)
  • Field trip to Intelligence Agencies, Washington DC (Spring)
  • Participate in Summer Seminar at DIA
  • Participate in Simulation Exercise
  • Attend Professional Conferences
  • Hear Guest Speakers
  • Meet Career Professionals
Sign-up for membership of the Association for the Study of Intelligence (ASI) by visiting the TISS-IC-CAE website and clicking “LINK.” This membership is a must for student participation on field trips and other opportunities sponsored by TISS-IC-CAE.     
Sign-up to be added to the TISS-IC-CAE listserv by visiting the TISS-IC-CAE website and clicking “list serv.” This subscription will facilitate receiving e-mail announcements of activities and other opportunities directly from TISS-IC-CAE.    
Apply for TISS-IC-CAE “Student Scholar” distinction:
  • Participate in the Required Activities
  • Meet the Academic Requirements
  • Complete the Application Form (contact Dr. Carolyn Pumphrey to request a form: pumphrey@duke.edu)

SSCP and TISS-IC-CAE co-sponsored activities on NCCU campus can meet the required activities criterion. Except perhaps for the foreign language component, students can meet the academic requirements criterion by substituting specified NCCU courses.

SSCP students at NCCU can meet the requirement of two (2) courses in security studies for the “Student Scholar” distinction by completing the following two security studies courses at NCCU. Keep in mind that SSCP students are required to complete both of these courses listed below.

  • POLS-3730: Global Security (3)
  • POLS-3740: Transnational Human Security (3)

Given that NCCU does not currently offer a course in intelligence, SSCP students can also meet the requirement of one (1) course in intelligence for the “Student Scholar” distinction by completing any of the following courses at NCCU. Keep in mind that SSCP students are required to complete the Logic course listed below (which is highly valued by security and intelligence agencies).

  • PHIL-2000: Critical Thinking (3)
  • PHIL-2300: Logic (3)
However, students are encouraged to take a survey course in intelligence from neighboring partner institutions: 
  • PUBPOL-290: The US Intelligence Enterprise (Duke University)
  • PS-598: International Security: Intelligence and Policy (NCSU)
  • PWAD-352: History of Intelligence Operations (UNC-CH)
  • PWAD-356: Intelligence for National Security (UNC-CH)
  • PWAD-357: International Intelligence Services (UNC-CH)

Although not a requirement for the “Student Scholar” distinction, SSCP students are strongly advised to complete one or both of the following courses (which are highly valued by security and intelligence agencies):

  • ENG-3110: Advanced Grammar (3)
  • ENG-3120: Advanced Composition (3)

SSCP students at NCCU are strongly encouraged to attend TISS-IC-CAE guest speakers not only on-campus, but also off-campus (Duke University, NCSU, and UNC-CH). Also, students are invited to participate in TISS-IC-CAE simulations and field trips. Whenever possible, round trip transportation will be provided from NCCU to off-campus TISS-IC-CAE events. In registering for off-campus TISS-IC-CAE events, SSCP students are asked to forward their electronic registration receipts to rmainuddin@nccu.edu for related updates and NCCU Monthly Reports to TISS-IC-CAE.

It is important to note that government agencies visited on TISS-IC-CAE field trips require U.S. citizenship. Students MUST be able to show proof of U.S. citizenship with valid document(s) in one of the following three ways:

(A) U.S. Passport

(B) U.S. Certificate of Naturalization

(C) U.S. Birth Certificate and Driver's License

For the purpose of the field trips, the document(s) must be valid—and not expire—through the last day of the field trip. Students should make prior arrangements to have their U.S. Passport (or acceptable alternative documents) available and the photo page scanned (or alternative documents scanned)—and ready to go for immediate electronic dispatch, if requested by TISS-IC-CAE for providing to the agencies to be visited as proof of U.S. citizenship. Also, students MUST be willing to provide their Social Security Number to TISS-IC-CAE for passing on to the agencies to be visited for security check. TISS-IC-CAE will make every attempt to securely collect the Social Security Number from students.  Although these are paid field trips, meals are not covered. Students MUST bring along sufficient money for meals. Also, it may be a good idea to take along a light jacket (in case feeling cold from air-conditioning).

NCCU students interested in participating on field trips MUST provide the following information to Dr. Rolin Mainuddin (rmainuddin@nccu.edu) immediately after completing the TISS-IC-CAE online registration form. The information will be forwarded to Dr. Carolyn Pumphrey at TISS-IC-CAE. As the registration form entails an expression of interest, a subsequent statement confirming participation on the field trip is warranted.
1. NAME (full name):
2. E-MAIL (eagles.nccu.edu only): 
6. EXPIRATION DATE (passport / driver’s license):
7. EMERGENCY CONTACT (name & phone #):
The following information will not be forwarded to Dr. Pumphrey:
8. NCCU I.D. # (authorizing Dr. Mainuddin to access academic transcript online): 820 – 
In view of the limited number of seats allocated for each TISS-IC-CAE partner institution, and those field trips are investments toward career interest in security and intelligence, the following priorities will be considered for selection of NCCU students for field trips. Nomination for summer seminar or internship will have additional considerations.
  • Officially declared to be in SSCP
  • Completed required security studies courses in SSCP
  • Completed required other courses in SSCP (regional area-language must be compatible)
  • Completed elective courses in SSCP
  • Participated in TISS-IC-CAE simulation
  • Attended TISS-IC-CAE guest speakers off-campus
  • Attended SSCP guest speakers on-campus
  • Homeland Security Concentration (CJ Major only)
  • Global Politics Concentration – Primary supersedes Secondary (POLS Major only)
  • Seniors
  • GPA
  • Superseding priority to students with Physics/suitable Major (ORNL & Y12 trip only)
  • Superseding priority to students who never attended
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