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New NCDPI Licensure Procedures

Completers seeking a North Carolina License should:

  1. Create an account and log-in to https://vo.licensure.ncpublicschools.gov/
  2. Enter background information - full name, address, social security number, date of birth, telephone number, sex, race, and questions related to convictions or revoked certificates/licenses.
  3. Upload official, degree-dated transcripts from all colleges/universities attended (except those that NCDPI already has from previous licenses, if applicable). If licensure-only, request final transcripts with final grades posted.
  4. Upload Praxis II and/or Pearson tests scores, as required by NCDPI for the program.
  5. Upload the Certificate of Teaching Capacity (CTC)--for initial teaching programs only.
  6. Pay online with a credit/debit card.

Note 1: Upload all materials at the same time once you receive your degree-dated/final transcripts. The licensure website will not archive your documents for more than thirty days without an action on your license (which cannot be done without all require materials.

Note 2: If you have ever had a license with NCDPI, we may have to use a hard copy process.

For the Licensure Officer to verify a completer for NCDPI Licensure on the website:

  1. Upload a copy of the transcripts, test scores, and CTC (if required) into Foliotek.
  2. Upload the SOE Data and Verification form, signed by the program coordinator, into Foliotek as well.

Completers seeking Out-of-State Licensure:

  1. Complete the SOE Data and Verification form, signed by the program coordinator.
  2. Upload a copy of the SOE Data and Verification form, a copy of official transcripts, test scores, and CTC (if required) to Foliotek (Program Exit/Completion Gateway).

For Out-of-State Completers, who want a Verification Form for another state completed, please send a cover letter with a contact email and phone number. Additionally, information is essential about which program you were in, where you completed student teaching/internship/practicum, and when you completed the program.

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