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DON Technology

Logos for Blackboard, Podcasting, and METI Patient Simulators - some of NCCU Nursing's Tech Tools.

Department of Nursing Technology Overview

Technology integration is a key element of the curriculum of the Department of Nursing here at NCCU. We are in an era dominated by rapidly changing technology that is not only taking place in the world abroad, but is also changing the way we teach, learn and participate in the educational process. The Department of Nursing seeks to stay current as new trends come over the horizon. Below are some of the ways the department enhances the classroom experience with the use of new technologies:

  • Skills labs allow students to take part on various simulations which supplement the clinical setting and allow for a more controlled and realistic environment for learning skills, scenarios, and more in depth study.
  • Blackboard® course integration allows for expanded distance education capabilities which serve both regular classes as well as online classes.
  • Podcasting, new to our department but has proven to be a great tool to enhance the study, preparation, and application of skills and lectures by allowing students to carry their lectures wherever they want. Also students have access to skills videos, all of which can be accessed and downloaded at the student's leisure.
  • Electronic clickers create a more dynamic classroom experience improving classroom interaction and further enhancing the collaborative learning process.
  • We incorporate a wide range of supplemental learning resources such as online tutorials, tools, and assessments to further enhance the learning experience.

Recommendations / Requirements

  • Students who plan to use personal laptops on campus for internet access must download appropriate software: Clean Access®, Symantec® anti-virus, complete Windows ®updates. For further instructions contact the campus help desk (530-7676) or Jason Prince, the departmental IT contact (530-6167).
  • If students wish to use PDA's or Smartphones the department can only make recommendations and advise you on software.
  • We are a windows/PC environment, however Macs have a growing presence.
  • Students planning to use podcasts must have ITunes and QuickTime (www.itunes.com) installed on their PC.
  • The department offers a computer lab equipped with nursing specific software to enhance the learning opportunities/resources for nursing students.
  • We recommend that you purchase USB head phones, with microphone, for use in online classes.
  • USB flash / thumb drives are also a definite plus to have to save work on.
  • If you are using Office 2003 or older, download the Office compatibility pack which can be accessed at . The Department of Nursing is currently using Office 2007.
  • Please direct any other technology related questions to Jason Prince, jprince@nccu.edu.
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