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Jabar Akbar's photo

Akbar, Jabar


Telephone icon (919) 530-7226
Marcella Atwater's photos

Atwater, Marcella M.

Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6836
Mirlesna Azor's photo

Azor, Mirlesna

Director of Student Support Services

Telephone icon (919) 530-7228
Angeline Baker's photo

Baker, Angeline

Clinical Learning Resource Center Coordinator

Telephone icon (919) 530-6693
Brittany Baker's photo

Baker, Brittany


Telephone icon (919) 530-6048
Julie Baker's photos

Baker, Julie

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Rita Bergevin's photo

Bergevin, Rita

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-6381
Patricia Blue's photo

Blue, Patricia

Professional Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-5451
Mary Bosher's photo

Bosher, Mary A.

Clinical Instructor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6431
Bobbie Brown's photo

Brown, Bobbie W.

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7222
Carmen Chatten's photos

Chatten, Carmen

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Roger Collins's photo

Collins, Roger L.

Clinical Lab Faculty

Telephone icon (919) 530-5462
Sujayalakshmi Devarayasamudram's photo

Devarayasamudram, Sujayalakshmi

Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6838
Willie Gilchrist-Stanfield's photo

Gilchrist-Stanfield, Willie

Lecturer/Clinical Site Coordinator

Telephone icon (919) 530-6003
Dina Gorham's photo

Gorham, Dina D.

Administrative Support Specialist

Telephone icon (919) 530-7235
Catina Greene's photo

Greene, Catina N.


Telephone icon (919) 530-7428
Annie Hargett's photos

Hargett, Annie


Telephone icon (919) 530-7229
Vevalyn Hatch's photos

Hatch, Vevalyn

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Lillie Hill's photo

Hill, Lillie


Telephone icon (919) 530-6049
Julia Horrigan's photo

Horrigan, Julia M.

Professional Academic Advisor, Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-6555
Dominique Johnson's photo

Johnson, Dominique N.

Professional Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6632
Stacey Jones's photos

Jones, Stacey


Telephone icon (919) 530-7222
Wanda Lawrence's photo

Lawrence, Wanda


Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Tammy Linton's photo

Linton, Tammy

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Marquita Lyons-Smith's photo

Lyons-Smith, Marquita


Telephone icon (919) 530-5452
Adolf Malik's photo

Malik, Adolf

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-5377
Barbareta McGill's photo

McGill, Barbareta A.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6634
Felicia Mosley-Williams's photos

Mosley-Williams, Felicia


Telephone icon (919) 530-7978
Rose Moss's photos

Moss, Rose L.

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (203) 910-0724
Gail Pruett's photo

Pruett, Gail L.


Telephone icon (919) 530-7227
Tajauana Robinson's photos

Robinson, Tajauana L.

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (336) 451-5969
Tina Scott's photo

Scott, Tina


Telephone icon (919) 530-6052
Latishia Sherard-Fowler's photos

Sherard-Fowler, Latishia

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Erma Smith-King's photo

Smith-King, Erma J.

Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6697
Shinel Stephens's photos

Stephens, Shinel M.


Telephone icon (919) 530-5449
Marcia Timmons's photos

Timmons, Marcia l.

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Linda Vanhook's photo

Vanhook, Linda B.

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-6635
Veronica Walker's photos

Walker, Veronica Y.

Program Tutor

Telephone icon (919) 530-5457
Janine Wall's photos

Wall, Janine

Lecturer - adjunct

Telephone icon (919) 530-6431
Catherine Watson's photo

Watson, Catherine

Administrative Support

Telephone icon (919) 530-7225
Evelyn Wicker's photos

Wicker, Evelyn

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Shavonne Williams's photo

Williams, Shavonne


Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Tyshawn Williams's photo

Williams, Tyshawn

Nursing Admin Account

Telephone icon (919) 530-7904
Darrick Woods's photo

Woods, Darrick A.


Telephone icon (919) 530-6633
Nia Wright's photos

Wright, Nia

Administrative Support Associate

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
NCCU complies with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in all programs and activities (including sexual harassment and sexual violence) in the University's educational programs and activities. For additional resources or to file a Title IX complaint, visit the NCCU's Title IX webpage.
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