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Marcella Atwater's photos

Atwater, Marcella M.

Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6836
Angeline Baker's photo

Baker, Angeline

Clinical Learning Resource Center Coordinator

Telephone icon (919) 530-6693
Brittany Baker's photos

Baker, Brittany


Telephone icon (919) 530-6048
Tena Barnwell's photo

Barnwell, Tena

Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7223
Patricia Blue's photos

Blue, Patricia


Telephone icon (919) 530-5451
Mary Bosher's photo

Bosher, Mary A.

Clinical Instructor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6431
Bobbie Brown's photo

Brown, Bobbie W.

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7222
Charrice Carrington's photos

Carrington, Charrice F.

Clinical Instructor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7231
Gail Claverie's photos

Claverie, Gail

Administrative Support Associate

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Roger Collins's photo

Collins, Roger L.

Professor of Nursing

Telephone icon (919) 530-5462
Sarah Conte's photos

Conte, Sarah

Adjunct Lecturer

Dina Cutler's photo

Cutler, Dina D.

Administrative Support Specialist

Telephone icon (919) 530-7235
Stephane DeVane-Johnson's photos
Sujayalakshmi Devarayasamudram's photo

Devarayasamudram, Sujayalakshmi

Clinical Associate Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6838
Temika Ford's photos

Ford, Temika


Telephone icon (919) 530-6633
Yvonne Ford's photos

Ford, Yvonne

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7226
Dawn Gentry's photos

Gentry, Dawn

Clinical Instructor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7225
Willie Gilchrist-Stanfield's photo

Gilchrist-Stanfield, Willie

Lecturer/Clinical Site Coordinator

Telephone icon (919) 530-6003
Sandra Goins's photos

Goins, Sandra L.

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Annie Hargett's photos

Hargett, Annie


Telephone icon (919) 530-7229
Ali'ce Haskins's photos

Haskins, Ali'ce

Adjunct Lecturer

Adrienne Heath's photo

Heath, Adrienne

Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6308
Lillie Hill's photos

Hill, Lillie


Telephone icon (919) 530-6049
Ramona Irabor's photos
Beatrice Jackson's photos

Jackson, Beatrice

Visiting Lecturer

Dominique Johnson's photos

Johnson, Dominique N.


Telephone icon (919) 530-6632
Vickey Keathley's photos

Keathley, Vickey

Adjunct Lecturer

Gloria King's photos

King, Gloria T.

Clinical Instructor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7225
Wanda Lawrence's photo

Lawrence, Wanda


Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Peketa Long's photos

Long, Peketa

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon 919-530
Marquita Lyons-Smith's photos

Lyons-Smith, Marquita

Adjunct Lecturer

Telephone icon (919) 530-5452
Barbareta McGill's photo

McGill, Barbareta A.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6634
Orissa Mombrun's photo

Mombrun, Orissa A.

Administrative Support Assistant

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Gail Pruett's photos

Pruett, Gail

Adjunct Lecturer

Felicia Ruffin's photos

Ruffin, Felicia


Telephone icon (919) 530-6421
Tina Scott's photos

Scott, Tina


Telephone icon (919) 530-6052
Angela Smith's photos

Smith, Angela D.

Adjunct Lecturer

Erma Smith-King's photo

Smith-King, Erma J.

Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6697
Shinel Stephens's photos

Stephens, Shinel M.


Telephone icon (919) 530-5449
Lettie Torain's photo

Torain, Lettie J.

Director, Office of Student Support Services

Telephone icon (919) 530-7228
Veronica Walker's photos

Walker, Veronica Y.

Program Tutor

Telephone icon (919) 530-5457
Janine Wall's photos

Wall, Janine


Telephone icon (919) 530-6431
Catherine Watson's photo

Watson, Catherine

Administrative Support

Telephone icon (919) 530-7225
Shavonne Williams's photos

Williams, Shavonne


Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Tyshawn Williams's photo

Williams, Tyshawn

Nursing Admin Account

Telephone icon (919) 530-7904
Viterose Wiltshire-Lyerly's photos

Wiltshire-Lyerly, Viterose

Clinical Instructor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7232
Leo Yurek's photos

Yurek, Leo A.

Assistant Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7978
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