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Quicktime Video Stream Help
Using the Firefox Web Browser? Use the Mozilla instructions and tests specifically customized for your web browser and operating system.

Instead of QuickTime, some users prefer to view our streaming media using Video Lan Client (VLC), a popular universal, open source (free) player for Windows, Macs, most popular UNIX flavors, and other platforms. It can be used as a standalone, portable programapplication (from your flash drive), which does not require Window's installation. Download it via Then, see our VLC-optimized version of this video presentation.

Overview: NCCU's Streaming Media Content via Apple's Quicktime
Most reported technical issues are resolved by installing the latest version of Quicktime via

Other factors with one's local PC (e.g., previous installations of XP Service Pack2, Real Player, etc.) can interfere with NCCU's streaming webcasts embedded in our web pages. In such cases, web browsing with a standards-compliant web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari (instead of Internet Explorer) often circumvent these difficulties.

3 Steps For QuickTime Users:

1) Open QuickTime. Often, it's among the icons in the lower right hand corner of your screen (AKA the System Tray). Double-click that icon. Or, find QuickTime Player via Start ==> Programs. If not found, download and re-install it.

2) Click on "File" then, "Open URL in New Player"

3) Fill in following box with this: rtsp://, and click "OK". Then, click the "Play" button, if need be.

Older versions of QuickTime might prompt you to upgrade to their "Pro" (i.e., "Pay") version. It is not necessary to do so in order to view this content, so you can simply click "Later" to proceed.

Need Additional Help?
NCCU students, faculty and staff may contact the ITS Helpdesk.