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Health Disparities Conference 2013
1801 Fayetteville St. Durham NC 27707

Health Disparities Conference 2013
Poster Abstract Submission Guidelines and Instructions
The Conference Abstract Committee reviews each abstract that is submitted and has established a minimum standard for abstract acceptance. The criteria used in the evaluation of each submitted abstract include the following:
  • Clarity and completeness
  • Novel and innovative concepts
  • Appropriateness of study design and methodology
  • Positive impact in scientific research, policy or practice leading to the reduction and eventual elimination of health disparities

Submission Dates and Instructions

Electronic submission of all abstracts is required. The deadline to submit an abstract is March 11 at 11:59 p.m. EST.  You must complete the conference registration in order to submit an abstract

  • Abstracts may not be changed or withdrawn once accepted by the Conference Abstract Committee. If circumstances prevent attendance, the author must arrange for the poster to be given by a substitute. Acceptance of the abstract by the Committee obligates the author to present the poster and pay the meeting registration fee.
  • A “receipt of abstract” notice will be sent via email to the contact author once the abstract has been processed.
  • You will receive your acceptance notice and instructions by March 26.

Poster Topic Areas
Mechanisms of Disparate Diseases
Submitted abstracts should describe the molecular and cellular mechanisms of disparate diseases, such ascardio-metabolic disorders (e.g., hypertension, obesity) and cancer.
Please note that although cardio-metabolic disorders and cancer are the areas of focus for this conference, abstracts describing mechanisms of other disparate diseases will be accepted.

Policy Impacting Health Equity
Submitted abstracts should describe the impact of social determinants on health equity, such as health, environmental and/or economic policies (e.g., environmental justice)

Community-Engaged Research
Submitted abstracts should describe the impact of community-engaged research in addressing specific diseases of disparities.

Research Innovation and Potential Entrepreneurship
Submitted abstracts should describe innovative research methods utilized in the study and intervention of health disparities.

Authorship and Abstract Content

  • Authors are permitted as first or presenting author on only one abstract for the meeting.
  • The abstract cannot contain more than 2,300 total characters. This includes the title, body, author last name, institutions, and spaces.
  • The abstract may not contain tables, figures or chemical structures.
  • All nonstandard acronyms must be defined.

Because of the breadth of topics that will be presented during the poster sessions, the Conference Abstract Committee has provided the following guidance regarding abstract content:

  • State the rationale and scope of the study presented.
  • Briefly describe the experimental procedures or the research approach/assessment.
  • Provide experimental data (laboratory, clinical, behavioral, etc.) that resulted from the study, or a detailed summary of findings.
  • State principal conclusion(s) based on interpretation of the results or implications of summary findings.