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Parking Policies

The University Police is authorized to remove to a storage area any vehicle illegally parked. The cost of any such removal shall constitute a lien on the vehicle that may be enforced in the manner provided by law enforcement of the Lien of Mechanics and Material Men. Unregistered vehicles parked on campus and registered vehicles parked illegally in towing-enforced zones may be towed. The department uses a rotation of local towing companies, and the charges can vary to tow a vehicle pursuant to NCGS 116.44.4 (1).

In addition to any fine assessed for a violation of parking regulations, the owner of a towed vehicle is responsible for payment directly to the towing contractor of any towing and/or storage fee.

Whenever a vehicle with a valid license plate or registration is towed as provided in NCGS 20-119.2, the authorizing person will immediately notify the last known registered owner of the vehicle of the following:

  • Description of the vehicle
  • Location of vehicle
  • Violation with which the owner is charged, if any
  • Procedure the owner must follow to have the vehicle returned to him, and
  • Procedure the owner must follow to request a probable cause hearing on the towing

A vehicle will be towed:

  • When parked on campus without a parking permit
  • When parked in a reserved parking space without a parking permit that matches the reserved space
  • When illegally parked in an emergency space or blocking an emergency road
  • When the vehicle has received accumulated three or more parking violations and the vehicle has been immobilized for at least 48 hours
  • When it has been parked illegally for more than ten days, or is determined to be derelict under N.C. General Statute 20-137.7

University Police are not responsible for damages that occur due to towing. Individuals who believe that their cars have been damaged by towing should contact the tow service involved. Each tow service that contracts to tow on campus must be covered with liability insurance for such damages.

Vehicles may also be towed for individual violations where a roadway or sidewalk is blocked, when handicapped access is blocked, for parking in a reserved or handicapped space, for failing to clear a designated lot on game day, and for other violations and situations where towing is judged necessary to preserve order. Most of the time, towed vehicles are not impounded on campus.

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