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Appeals and Violations

Individuals issued parking violations, other fines or restitution and/or suspension of parking privileges may petition the penalty within five calendar days of the violation by completing the Traffic Violation Appeal Form and delivering it to the police department.

The Citation Appeal Board consists of faculty, staff and students. Once the appeal has been heard and a decision made, notice is sent to the appellant informing him or her of the decision by mail. If the appellant fails to comply with the appeal guidelines, the appeal will not be honored.

Moving Violations
University Police have the authority to issue either a university citation or a uniform state citation for moving violations occurring on campus.  Moving violations include

  • Failure to stop for a stop sign,
  • One-way street violations,
  • Exceeding safe speed,
  • Careless and reckless driving,
  • Illegal left turn, and
  • Unsafe movement.
  • The University Police will issue state citations for seat belt violations.

Pedestrians Obstructing Traffic
Except as may be required to travel safely on authorized crosswalks, pedestrians shall not stand in or otherwise obstruct or prevent the flow of traffic on any street, driveway or paving lot upon which traffic may flow.

Repeated Offenses
If the conduct of any student or employee establishes a continuing pattern of violations or disregard of parking regulations, the chancellor may temporarily suspend him or her from enrollment or employment pending a hearing.