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Animal Control

Animal Control Incidents

Untrained persons should not attempt to approach animals. Only trained animal technicians should handle animals. Any direct physical contact with an unknown animal, especially if it results in a bite or scratch, could have serious consequences. Such contact should be reported to Student Health Services at 919-530-6317 immediately. Any animal that is wandering loose on campus should be reported immediately to Facilities Services at 919-530-6392. 

If an animal such as a bat or a raccoon is inside a building, try to safely isolate it in a room by closing doors behind it and keeping people away. If you are unable to isolate the animal, call NCCU Police at 919-530-6106.

Venomous Animals

In the case of a bite or other injury caused by a venomous animal (e.g., a black widow or a brown recluse spider) or an allergic reaction to an insect or other animal, call 919-530-6106 immediately for emergency medical assistance.

  • Be prepared to give your name, location, and, if possible, the species or type of animal involved.
  • Try to remove the affected person and yourself from danger. Tell others to vacate the area if a dangerous animal may still be nearby.
  • Help the victim immobilize the bite area, and make the victim as comfortable as possible until medical or other assistance arrives.
  • Administer anti-venom or anti-allergen agents if you are trained to do so.
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