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Meal Plans - Terms and Billing

Terms and Conditions

All resident students except graduate students, Chancellor's Scholars and RAs/RDs/GDs are required to purchase a meal plan. The meal plan is a yearly contract for resident students and a semester contract for commuters. Any student who wants to purchase a meal plan can do so through myEOL. Meal Plan charges will appear on the student's university account billed by Student Accounting along with tuition and housing (if applicable). All resident freshmen are required to purchase the “Q” (21 meals weekly+$200) meal plan. If you are a current freshman living on campus, you will be automatically assigned this plan. It is your responsibility to inform the Eagle Card Office immediately at 919-530-5010 if you are a resident student and you have not been charged for a meal plan or have been charged for a wrong meal plan. With the exception of resident freshmen, we encourage all resident students to go to Self-Service Banner and select your meal plan. If you do not select a plan, the system will automatically assign you an “R” (14 meals weekly) plan.

All nonresident students who want to purchase a meal plan can do so through myEOL.

Billing and Payment

Once you choose your meal plan, it will be billed to you on your student account with the Cashier’s Office. It is your responsibility to make sure that your plan is paid for in a timely manner to avoid disruption of service. Your meal plan can be accessed with your Eagle Card when the meal plan begins. If you are living in a residence hall (except Eagle Landing) and have not signed up for a meal plan, an “R” (14 meals weekly +$275) plan will be assigned to your account by default. For Eagle Landing residents, the default plan is the “T” (8 meals weekly +$350) plan. You are responsible for making sure that you have been billed for the meal plan of your choice. Any changes to your plan must be made by the second week of classes. After the second week, you can switch only to a higher meal plan, and the difference will be posted to your university account.

If you are living on-campus during the fall semester, you will be billed for the same meal plan in the spring semester unless the meal plan is changed or canceled in writing by the first week in December. To change your meal plan, you must fill out a Meal Plan Change/Drop form available at the Eagle Card Office. Requests to change the spring semester portion of the school year meal plan contract must be done by the conclusion of the fall semester. Meal plans and the associated flex points expire at the end of each semester. Dining flex is restricted to items sold by NCCU Dining Services only. When using Dining flex in any NCCU Dining Services facility, purchases are exempt from 6.75 percent sales tax applicable on food items.

Fall/Spring semester meal plans are refundable based on the following rules:

  • When you inform the Eagle Card Office of your intention to withdraw from the meal plan program within two weeks after the first day meals are served, 80 percent of the board fees will be refunded. 
  • If you do so within four weeks after the first day meals are served, 40 percent of the fees will be refunded. 
  • If you do so within six weeks after the first day meals are served, 20 percent of the fees will be refunded. 
  • Board fees are not refundable after six weeks.

Questions regarding these policies can be answered by calling/visiting the Eagle Card Office at 919-530-5010.