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Introduction to Classroom Podcasting

Peterson Headshot Summary: Interested in audio recording your lectures or other course content? Recording audio for your class, sometimes called podcasting,  is an easy way to communicate with your students. But, as with all technology, there is a learning curve. In this session, Dr. Gabriel Peterson, School of Information and Library Science, NCCU, will share his experiences podcasting and will help you get started  recording and editing your audio. He will present an overview of a free, easy way to record audio and post it on Blackboard. The presentation uses the open-source software Audacity and a microphone.
Presenter: Dr. Gabriel Peterson, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Science, NCCU
Format: On demand, audio and slides (see on demand playback requirements)
Duration: 29:00
Recorded: March 2, 2010
Original Venue: 10:40 at the Center
Location: Room 264, Farrison-Newton Communications Building, NCCU
Audience: Faculty
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Part 1

Part 2