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Creating Videos for Research and Clinical Applications

By Deborah Eaton, coordinator of educational technology, School of Education, NCCU
Courses: Computer Utilization for Research and Clinical Applications

Brief explanation of the project

The purpose of the assignment was to engage students in the development and production of media suitable for professional presentation. The projects required the use of computer-based technology and were based on or issues or research involving communication disorders. Students had a choice of technology they could use. This example highlights one group of students who chose to create short videos.

Goals: What did you want to accomplish?

  1. Develop knowledge of emerging technologies.
  2. Use technology to create professional presentation projects.
  3. Gain experience in technology integration and professional research.

Outcomes: Were your goals met?

Yes. The intended outcomes/goals were met and there were no real unexpected outcomes. I was pleased with the student projects that resulted.

Advice to faculty: What would you do differently?

Students should be monitored closely in the project-development stage. I would do a better job by scheduling periodic appointments for students to share their progress.


Below are examples of the videos from students in my class

The Anatomy of the Outer Ear

How to Perform a Hearing Screening

What did your students think?

Both students were proud of their final projects. They found the process to be challenging, due mostly to time demands and traveling unrelated to the course. They saw it as a very rewarding experience. They plan to use the videos they created professionally and plan to develop additional videos in the future.

What tools did you use?

  • Kodak Zi8 Camera — easy-to-use pocket-size camcorder, similar to the popular Flip brand camcorders
  • Microsoft Movie Maker — video editing software included on all Windows computers
  • Shotgun microphone — external microphone connected to the Kodak Zi8 for high-quality audio

How did the Center help?

  • Guidance and technical support for the students using the video recording equipment