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Robert E Stiefvater

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Professor/RAP Program Coordinator
(919) 530-7429
(919) 530-6156
C204 LeRoy T. Walker Physical Education Complex


Recreation Administration Program Coordinator


As the eldest son of an Air Force family, I was born at Hill A.F.B. in Utah. I didn't stay there long, less than a year, before moving to France. My twin brothers were born there. We lived in France for about four years before returning to the states. We lived in North Dakota and a for a short time in Texas before moving to California. We lived in the Monterrey Bay area and Vandenberg A.F.B. before my father moved us back to the farm in South Dakota, the same farm he joined the Air Force to leave. I spent my H.S. years on the farm in SD before joining the Air Force myself (my two brothers also used this formula to get off that farm).

I was stationed at the United States Air Force Academy for four years, working in a variety of recreation settings before being transferred to Lowery A.F.B. in Denver for one last year. I got out of the Air Force and finished my undergraduate degrees in Denver before moving to Indiana to start my graduate studies. I completed my Masters and was ABD when I took a teaching job at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

In 1995 I took an Assistant Professor job at NCCU and have been here ever since.

I enjoy traveling, skiing, hiking, biking, racquetball, music and film. I love spending time with my dogs and my best friend/spouse either gardening or working in my shop.


PhD Indiana University, Bloomington 1996
MS Indiana University, Bloomington 1993
BS Metropolitan State College of Denver 1989
BS Metropolitan State College of Denver 1989


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Selected Publications

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