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Shelvy J Bratcher-Porter

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Associate Professor
(919) 530-7222
(919) 530-5343
3150 Nursing Building


Teach across the nursing curriculum, for 'traditional and accelerated' RN/NSN students. Courses taught include Junior Seminar I& II; Senior Seminar I & II; Medical Terminology; Community Health Nursing; Professional Concepts of Nursing-Fundamentals; Health Assessment; Role Development.

Chair of Curriculum Committee;

Member of Research, Tensure Track, Appeals, and Admission' Committees;

Active member of NCCU Blood Drive Committee;

Member of NCCU's Community Service/Service Learning Faculty.


Shelvy J. Bratcher-Porter

Biographical Data

As a nurse, I bring 30 years of nursing, which includes academic and clinical experience ranging from the hospitals, public/community health departments and clinics as well as nursing homes to home health agencies, free clinics, and hospice agencies (public and private sector). Experience also includes graduate as well as undergraduate teaching in various academic institutions, from varying parts of the country.

I have held staff member, administrative, supervision, and leadership, coordinator, as well as academic positions. I currently work as an Associate Professor of Nursing at North Carolina Central University, Durham, North Carolina. Compared to the number of Clinical Nurse Specialist in other nursing areas, I am among the few Clinical Nurse Specialist in Public/Community Health Nursing, Board Certified.

I have had academic preparation, teaching, and clinical experience in public/community health nursing . I present my accomplishments in the categories of academic educational preparation; teaching in academic institutions; Leadership/Management/Coordination/Supervision Experience; Research and Grant Writing.

Degrees/Date Awarded Institution Major

Ph.D. 1987 Texas Woman's University Major: Community Health
Denton, Texas Education
M. S. 1984 University of North Carolina Major: Public Health Nursing
School of Public Health
Department Public Health Nursing
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
B. S. 1977 University of North Carolina-Charlotte Major: Nursing
Charlotte, North Carolina

A. A. 1974 Wingate Junior College Major: College Transfer
Wingate, North Carolina

II. Academic Institutions

North Carolina Central University, Durham, North Carolina

Courses Taught-Community Health Nursing-Clinical at Meals on Wheels, Operation Break Thru-Head Start; Fundamentals-Beginning Nursing;
Junior Seminar; Health Assessment; Professional Role Development, and Senior Seminar I, and II/.

While at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) previously,

(1). I co-authored the 2nd degree/accelerated program for the Department of Nursing at North Carolina Central University.
Research was conducted among 2007 juniors and seniors to see if such a program was needed. Responses and results were very positive. The entire curriculum was developed, even required manuals and pertinent handout material. This program is now underway at NCCU. I even wrote the grant to University College, who was to fund this development.

(2) I also helped write the CEU Nurse Educator Certification course now offered at North Carolina Central as part of the CEU program. I helped select the course text and composed most of the curriculum development section. My areas of concentration are: public health nursing, teaching, and curriculum development. I did not participate in grading of participants' work as a majority of the summer was spent in preparation for and attending an Elderly Institute at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Courses Taught-Research; Community Health Nursing (Coordinator)-to include Cumberland, Harnett, & Sampson County Public Health Departments-CHIP Program, Family Planning, Maternity & Immunization Clinics, Environmental Health-Food Inspection sites, water wells; WIC;, School Nursing-Immunizations, Prevent Blindness of NC, Student Health Education in NC Counties of Hoke, Cumberland, Sampson, Harnett; Womack Army Hospital-Pregnancy and Child Birth classes; Sickle Cell Church Program follow-up/development;

RN-BSN Program-Research; Community Health Nursing-Various Sites to include School Nursing-Prevent Blindness of NC; Hospice; Transition To Professional Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Women 19s Health, Transcultural Nursing; Occupational Health Nursing.

Regarding student placement in Community Health for Spring/09 (rotations for 37 students), I coordinated the 18Community Health Roundtable 19, which invited some 25 agencies (health departments, home health agencies, free clinics, and schools) within a 50 mile radius to share their availability for clinical placement as well as their agency needs. This was a very productive event.

I also coordinated the same event January/2010 While employed at North Carolina Central University for the spring 2010 fifty-three Community Health Nursing students. A highlight of this event each year was the NC Prevent Blindness Certification in vision screening for the students, to be used throughout their community health nursing clinical experience.

Strayer University, Charlotte, North Carolina

Taught graduate health courses in a newly developed Masters in Health Services Management Program

Livingstone College, Salisbury, North Carolina

Chair, Dept.-Health Physical Education and Sport Management; taught graduation-required general education 1CHealthful Living 1D to all entering freshmen; Other Courses Taught: Nutrition (MOW), Substance Use/Abuse, Human Sexuality, and Health Methods ( a K-12 teacher requirement)

Other Activities/Programs Coordinated/Developed
22 Campus Health Fair, October 1801
22 Community Health Fair, October 1801
22 Health Tips Project (Health Education packets for campus and community)
October 1901
22 Veteran 19s Day Project, November 1801
22 Monthly Blood Pressure Screening Program, November 1801
22 Diabetic Healthful Eating Day, November 1801
22 Campus Health Bulletin Board Project, November 1801
22 Monthly Diabetic Support Group, November 1801
22 Campus AIDS Walk, December 1801

North Carolina Agriculture and Technical University, Greensboro, North Carolina

Courses Taught- Nursing Research (90 students); Nursing leadership (90
Students); Independent study (Pharmacological Dynamics); Managed Care: Community Health Nursing Clinical-Guildford County Public Health Department-
W/C Clinic; School Nursing to include Prevent Blindness of NC & School Nursing to include Health Education for Students-Germ Theory, Hand Washing; Free Clinic; taught in the RN/BSN program also.

Radford University College of Nursing and Health Services, Radford, Virginia

Courses Taught: (1) a general health education course for non-nursing majors, (2) undergraduate Community Health Nursing-Roanoke City & County Public Health Department-Immunizations, Family Planning; Home Health, Original CHIP Program, Occupational Health, Free clinic, Hospice; Health Assessment lab, and (3) graduate courses in the Master 19s Home Health Nursing Program, (helped develop)-Role Development (Myers Briggs) and Home Health Nursing; Chair/Member of Thesis Committees (15)

Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, Texas

As the only Public Health/Community Health Nursing Instructor, developed, coordinated and implemented a community based Community Health Nursing course composed of theoretical content and clinical experiences (for seniors) in this baccalaureate institution; Clinical sites included Dallas County Public Health Department clinic for Hispanic Population; free clinic for Hispanics; school nursing, EPA Program; EAP Programs; Occupational Health-Frito Lay, Coke, Cables Dairy; responsible for direct clinical supervision, clinical evaluation, exam compositions, theory evaluation, and students' final course grade; advise 22 senior nursing students.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Public Health, Department of Public Health Nursing, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I was admitted as a graduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill-School of Public Health- Department of Public Health Nursing in the Fal1 of 1982 and graduated from this two year program in 1984, with a MS in Public Health Nursing and Teaching. My interests in the attitudes of patient-care aides toward old people in nursing homes stem from my experience as a part-time staff nurse, nursing supervisor and In-service/Staff -Development Coordinator at Durham Care Center, Durham, North Carolina during my graduate education. The topic became my thesis. These were teaching positions as well. I also taught the recommendations in my thesis to the patient care aides.

While at UNC-School of Public Health, Department of Public Health Nursing, the three students in the program (to include myself) developed a nursing curriculum for a School of Nursing at Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, North Carolina and recommended that a nursing program be started at FSU in 1987. This project was a real feasibility study, and was sent to various agencies and governing bodies. A RN/BSN nursing program was later started at FSU. This project was a requirement for a required curriculum course in the program. The teaching component for several nursing courses was also developed.

I also completed a semester of teaching undergraduate Public Health/Community Health Nursing theory and clinical to senior undergraduate nursing students in the School of Nursing. I was detailed to Fayetteville, North Carolina with a 2-day Community Health Nursing clinical group. I completed student clinical rotation schedules, home visited with students and completed student evaluations, completed clinical site evaluations and gathered evaluative information for the School of Nursing regarding our/the Community Health Nursing clinical group.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Responsibilities: Supervised nursing students in basic nursing skills-Fundamentals in learning lab; supervised and directed hospital based clinical experiences for two groups of nursing students 4 days per week (10 per group for a total of 20 students per week on a Medical Surgical unit); responsible for clinical evaluations.

III. Leadership/Management/Coordination/Supervision Experience

Charlotte Memorial Hospital Assistant Head Nurse E/R Nurse
Charlotte, North Carolina

Mecklenburg County PHD Public Health Nurse
Charlotte, North Carolina Field Nurse

District case load management including newborn infants, antepartum and postpartum mothers; students in need of school follow-up; home visitations for medical clients and SIDs parents and general health maintenance assessments; instructed clients in health teaching; home evaluations and visits for other community agencies, such as Department of Social Services, Charlotte Memorial Hospital Dysplasia Clinic, Center for Human Development, and occasionally private physicians; weekly rotations in Well Child Conference Clinics and Maternity Clinics within the health department setting.

Mecklenburg County PHD Special Grant/CAP-C Nurse
Charlotte, North Carolina

Duties included grant-related health programs development for student and employee within two elementary schools. Duties for the CAP-C nurse included home visitation to mentally and physically challenged children whose parents wanted to keep them at home and/or attend public/private school. Resource Referrals, budgeting, assessment, evaluation, & program development were performed, as well as ordering of medication/inter-stomal feedings, and dressing.

Director of Nursing
Nursing Home (ICF)
Dallas Texas

Director of Nursing Service at this 120-bed ICF Nursing Home Facility:(ICF= Intermediate Care Facility); directed all aspects of nursing service, taking this facility from a Vendor-Hold Status to a Superior Rating by the Texas Department of Health.

Gaston Episcopal Hospital
Assistant Supervisor
Dallas, Texas Ambulatory Services

Supervised 10-15 employees in the delivery of nursing care. Ambulatory
Services included Outpatient Service, a Day-Surgery unit, a Minor Emergency Colonoscopy Unit and an Employee Health Program, assisted with development Of the Minor Emergency Clinic (physical set-up, wrote policies and procedures according to JCAH standards, staffing, etc.)

Durham Care Center
Weekend Nursing Supervisor (Part-time
Durham, North Carolina

Supervised 30 employees and 151 patients in this nursing home (ICF & SCF).

Durham Care Center
In-service Coordinator
Durham, North Carolina

Coordinated, developed and presented In-service education classes
For all nursing staff; coordinated outside agency in-service and staff reimbursement; developed 1CGeriatric-Aide Certification Program 1D through Durham Technical Institute.

Durham Care Center Charge Nurse
Durham, North Carolina (Part-time)

Supervised 6-7 patient care aides and 1-2 licensed practical nurses per shift and 51 patients on the skilled unit.

Burrell Nursing Center Relief Nursing Supervisor
All aspects of relief supervision for 163 capacity nursing home/adult home clients and 100 full/part time employees

Department of Veterans Affairs Patient Health Education Coordinator
Salem, Virginia Medical Center
Salem, Virginia

Development of interdisciplinary hospital wide Patient Health Education program which involved program development, material selection, evaluative strategies and creative teaching methodologies for staff and veterans; Monthly Patient Health Education classes through-out the entire hospital, E/R, Specialty Clinics, Veterans Center ( located in the Community), and Diabetic Clinic back-up; Development of Patient Health Education Monitoring Forms and an Interdisciplinary Patient Education Form; received JCAH-O APPROVAL for five years.

IV. Research and Grant Writing Experience

I was a grant writer for the Nile Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have also worked as a Special Grant Public Health Nurse for two elementary schools in
Charlotte, North Carolina/Mecklenburg County.

I completed a grant funded through the Center for Health Disparities, UNC-Chapel Hill, which yielded the recently published article and national conference presentation.

Recently, I published an article (Church-Based Health Fairs: A Model for Addressing Health Disparities among Rural African Americans in North Carolina)
And presented in a national conference (Third Annual Health Disparities Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana. This focus-group research was conducted among several Hoke County Pastors and one from Cumberland County.

This position would enable me to be in the immediate area and continue researching grant funding to address the many health disparities identified in this study. The same effort would entail a needs assessment and active pursuit of resources (grans and/or agencies, or partnerships) to implement program planning, development, and implementation.

North Carolina Agriculture and Technical (NCA&T) afforded me the opportunity to become more involved in Research. I was primarily responsible for the campus development of the Nursing Research Office on Wendover Road. During my academic tenure at NC A&T, I managed/coordinated a $500,000 grant (Medicaid Disparity Among African Americans), funded by Kate B. Reynolds x 2 years, through NC A&T State University. This grant was implemented by four HBCU 19s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) 14NCA&T, NCCU, ST. Augustine, and Fayetteville State University). As PI (Primary Investigator), I facilitated every aspect of the grant process (arrangement of site meetings and state member invitations, proposal development, funding, presentations, budget administration, timeline development, IRB and consent approval, development of training materials for data collection, supervised NC A&T 19s data collection, study data analysis, report findings, and received funding for a second year). As a result, many health departments added Dental Clinics, among other needed services for citizens/clients in need. Mr. Dick Perusi was State Director.

I conducted extensive research among LPNs in Roanoke/Radford, Virginia, to determine if there was interest in an LPN to RN/BSN program. Results were overwhelming positive and interest very high. This research also helped me start the Roanoke Valley Black Nurses Association, Roanoke, Virginia, a chapter of the National Black Nurses Association.

While working for the OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL in Dallas, Texas, I played a lead role in developing the now Nurse Assistant Certifications used through-out the states.

My thesis (Attitudes of Patient Care Aides Toward Old People) and dissertation (Cancer Knowledge Among the Black Clergy) required extensive research and use of statistical packages.

Numerous grants were written when I organized and started the Roanoke Valley Chapter of the National Black Nurses Association, Roanoke, Virginia.
Dr. Bratcher-Porter resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two children.

Life is abundant! Learning is Everlasting! We must capture the 18Teachable Moment 1D in high quality, available, accessible, and feasible health care for all people, but in particular the poor, un-deserved, and disable !


PhD Texas Woman's University 1987
MSPH University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 1984
BS University of North Carolina, Charlotte 1977
AA   Wingate University 1974


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Selected Publications

1. (2009). (2009). Church-Based Health Fairs: A Model for Addressing Health Disparities among Rural African Americans in Eastern North Carolina. , 9(2)pp-pp. . Journal of Best Practices in Health Professional Diversity: Research, Education, and Policy, 9(2).
2. (2002, February 1). • Healthful Living—Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, February 2002. Roanoke Tribune, Roanoke, Virginia.
3. (1999, March 1). . • Nursing—Education, Kinds, Sites March 1999.
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5. (1997, January/February). Annual Reports-Roanoke Valley Black Nurses Association. .
6. (1996). Ostomy Fair Helps Educate Veterans. Pritchett& Hull Associates, Inc., .
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