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ClassID Name Description Credits
SOCI 2000 Society and Human Behavior The study of society and cultural organization with emphasis on diversity in human behavior. A focus on population growth and behavioral change, socialization into the environment through family organization, and variations in human behavior produced by divergent cultural values 3
SOCI 2100 Principles of Sociology The first course in sociology introduces students to the concepts and fields of sociology and briefly examines social organization, culture and personality. 3
SOCI 2200 Cultural Anthropology Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. Anthropological study of culture, society and human behavior with emphasis on theory and ethnography. 3
SOCI 2300 Economy and Society Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. An examination of the sources, nature, extent and consequences of change in the social system. 3
SOCI 2400 Social Psychology Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. A study of the development of human nature and personality through the socialization process and other processes of social interaction. 3
SOCI 2500 Marriage and the Family Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000, except for junior and senior non-majors. The scientific study of cross-cultural development and organization of the institutions of marriage and family. 3
SOCI 3000 Introduction to Social Gerontology Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. An examination of the social and cultural dimensions of the aging process and its impact on the individual and society. Also covered will be the demographic effect of aging on the family, work, health, recreation, religious, education and political systems. 3
SOCI 3200 The Development of Sociological Theory Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000 or permission of the instructor. A systematic study of the major sociological theorists from Comte to the present. Emphasis is placed on the development of a conceptual framework basic to the understanding of sociological materials and the contributions of various writers to the field. 3
SOCI 3210 Social Differentiation and Inequality Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. The study of social stratification and the distribution of power, wealth, and prestige within societies. Emphasis will be placed on the economic, political, and cultural forces that produce inequality; and the consequences of inequality on society and the individual. 3
SOCI 3220 American Minority Groups Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. Focus on the number, size, initial contact with America, and social characteristics of major American minority groups. Emphasis on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and age as major sources of minority status. Emphasis is on the analysis of major problems of intergroup relations using techniques of small -area demographic analysis. 3
SOCI 3300 Criminology Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. This course is a study of the social nature of criminal and delinquent behavior with reference to theories of causation, and methods of prevention and treatment. 3
SOCI 3600 Sociological Statistics A study of basic statistical concepts such as measures of central tendency and dispersion, correlation, sampling, and probability. 3
SOCI 3700 Sociological Research Prerequisite: SOCI 3600. A study of various research designs: the use of such research techniques as sampling, developing questionnaires, conducting interviews, techniques of computer programming, data collection, data entry, data analysis, and elementary and advanced statistics. 4
SOCI 4040 Sociology of Religion Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. A sociological approach to religion as a social institution, with emphasis on the relationship between religion, social structure, social organization and social change. 3
SOCI 4210 Demography Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. This course provides an introduction to major demographic processes, concepts and trends. The essential focus on the United States and an understanding of the interrelatedness of world trends. The course provides an experience with small area analysis of urban population and geographic information system technology. 3
SOCI 4220 Industrial Sociology Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. This course will review of the literature and sociological concepts in the analysis of work in industrial and non-industrial societies. 3
SOCI 4250 Society and Law A study of basic law as it pertains to issues and problems met by the social worker. The course will prepare the social worker to recognize and question possible violations of client rights. Law will be studied as an available resource to aid clients in the helping process. 3
SOCI 4310 Formal Organization Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. A study of the structure and dynamic processes of human society. Stress is laid on the sources of similarity and divergence in the structuring and functioning of rural and urban society. 3
SOCI 4320 The Sociology of Urban Life Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. An analysis of the major characteristics of urban life and urbanization. 3
SOCI 4330 Collective Behavior and Social Movements Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. A study of noninstitutionalized behavior such as riots, panics, fads, rumors, protests, disasters, and social movements. Emphasis will be placed on the social structured origins and consequences of collective behavior. 3
SOCI 4500 The Sociology of Education Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. The course is designed to analyze education as a social institution. The essential focus is on the function of the educational institution in relation to stability, integration, social stratification, social mobility and status differences within society. 3
SOCI 4520 Medical Sociology Prerequisite: SOCI 2400. An examination of the influence of socio-cultural factors on the nature, conception, and treatment of disease and illness; the institutionalization of the healing professions; and the impact of the doctor-patient relationship. 3
SOCI 4600 Introduction to Statistics For Social Workers 3
SOCI 4900 Independent Study in Sociology Prerequisite: SOCI 2100 or SOCI 2000. Specialized, critical in-depth study arranged between the instructor and the student, with permission of the departmental chairperson. Designed to offer specialized work for majors leading to the graduate’s enhanced professional skills in sociological techniques through an individually tailored program. 3
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