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ClassID Name Description Credits
RECR 1000 Introduction to Recreation An introduction to the parks and recreation field, with emphasis upon understanding the conceptual foundations of play, recreation, and leisure for all populations and settings. An overview of career opportunities in the profession, and in the professional organizations and agencies providing leisure services. 3
RECR 2000 Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society An introduction to the parks and recreation field with emphasis upon understanding the conceptual foundations of play, recreation and leisure for all populations and settings. 3
RECR 2120 Recreation Leadership Prerequisite: RECR 1000. An analysis of activities, techniques, principles, and practices of leadership in recreation, park resources, and leisure service agencies; process of activity leadership in conjunction with development of skills and knowledge in activity areas. 3
RECR 2500 Special Topics in Physical Education, Sport and Recreation An examination of current issues in physical education, sports and recreation agencies, facilities and settings. Topics may vary with the instructor. This course may be repeated for credit if topics differ. 1 to 3
RECR 3100 Organization and Administration of Competitive Sports Prerequisites: RECR 1000 and 2120. An introduction to the organization and administration of informal, intramural, extramural and club sports competitions, with emphasis upon tournament design, personnel training and management, sport facility development, public and human relations, legal liability, and marketing techniques. 3
RECR 3120 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation Prerequisite: RECR 1000. A survey of key concepts and operational definitions; theoretical constructs; therapeutic recreation processes and models; etiology of illness and disability conditions; medical and psychiatric terminology. This course is three lecture hours with two laboratory hours per week. 3
RECR 3230 Camping and Outdoor Recreation Prerequisites: RECR 1000 and 2120. An examination of the leadership and supervision of counselors in camping and outdoor recreation settings, with emphasis on camp administration and operation. 3
RECR 3245 Practicum in Parks and Recreation Prerequisites: RECR 1000, 2120, 3100, and 3120. A study of professional practice. Designed to provide directed practicum experiences in a park and recreation agency under the supervision of a faculty advisor and an approved agency supervisor. Opportunities provided for students to develop knowledge, values, and initial practice skills appropriate for entry-level practice in parks and recreation agencies. 3
RECR 3250 Non-Clinical Application of Therapeutic Recreation Prerequisites: RECR 1000, 3120, or consent of instructor. A study of philosophical and basic concepts of special recreations in transitional treatment and community- based settings. Examines the nature and etiology of varied physically disabling conditions, programming standards; strategies for integration and activities to accommodate the disabled consumer. 3
RECR 3900 Management of Exercise, Sport, and Recreation Facilities Prerequisites: RECR 1000, 2120, and 3120. A study of the principles and practices of operating parks and recreation service delivery areas. Emphasis placed on management of playgrounds, community centers, swimming pools, sports centers, and other related facilities with particular attention to the role of the parks and/or recreation supervisor. 3
RECR 4100 Supervision Management 3
RECR 4140 Program Design and Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation Prerequisite: RECR 3120 or consent of the instructor. A study of philosophical concepts underlying therapeutic recreation service along a continuum of care. System designed for evaluation of habilitation/rehabilitation programs using systems terminology. Activity and task analysis assessment, documentation in therapeutic recreation, and summative and formative evaluation concerns are addressed. 3
RECR 4150 Recreation and Leisure Services Programming Prerequisite: RECR 1000 or consent of the instructor. An analysis of concepts and principles of recreation and leisure services program development, with attention to examination of recreation activity taxonomies, methods of assessing needs, the process of program planning, and developments, evaluation, and promotion of a master program plan. 3
RECR 4270 Advanced Concepts in Recreation and Leisure Studies Prerequisite: RECR 1000. A study and critical analysis of selected theories and concepts which influence the development of leisure behavior and the delivery of recreation services. Analysis of pertinent research, including understanding the research process. 3
RECR 4600 Organization and Administration of Parks, Recreation and Leisure Service Agenices Prerequisites: RECR 1000, 2120, 4100, or consent of instructor. A study of administrative processes, the internal organization of the recreation/parks department board and executive relationships, legal foundations and legal liability considerations, risk management components, public relations, and marketing from the administration perspective. 3
RECR 4610 finance in Parks, Recreation and Leisure Service Agencies Prerequisites: RECR 1000, 4100, 4610, or consent of instructor. A study of recreation and park administration; sources of finance for operating and capital expenditures; revenue producing activities; financial planning, budgeting, expenditure policies and procedures, auditing process, and planning for recreation and leisure services. 3
RECR 4630 Internship in Parks and Recreation Prerequisite: Permission by faculty advisor or recreation faculty. An examination of professional practice. Designed to individually assign the student to a ten- to twelve-week program in an approved public, private, or health care agency. Internship consists of a full-time placement for a minimum of 400 clock hours. 6
RECR 4800 Independent Study Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Independent reading and research for upper level undergraduate student physical education and recreation majors under faculty supervision. This is an opportunity for advanced study in a special area in physical education and/or recreation. 3
RECR 4900 Computer Applications 3
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