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ClassID Name Description Credits
PSY 2100 General Psychology (This course is not required for psychology majors.) An introduction to psychological terms, facts and principles designed to aid the student in understanding individual behavior. Behavior is analyzed and interpreted through activities and discussions of such topics as motivation, emotion, perception, learning, and intelligence. 3
PSY 2120 Advanced General Psychology (For psychology majors.) An intensive treatment of topics in general psychology developed specifically for majors. The function of the course is to develop critical understanding and prepare the student to evaluate his or her later reading in the field of psychology. Practical applications of psychology are introduced and a laboratory component is provided. 3
PSY 2400 Introductory Statistics for Students of Psychology Prerequisites: PSY 2100 or 2120, MATH 1100 or 1070. A first course in statistics for students of psychology and other behavioral and social sciences. Assignments, class activities, and lectures are designed to develop a conceptual and analytical understanding of statistics and prepare students for the required quantitative courses. Descriptive statistics, correlation, the concepts of variance and elementary inferential statistics are analyzed. 3
PSY 3100 Abnormal Psychology Prerequisite: PSY 2100 or 2120. An orientation to the Concepts of abnormal behavior with emphasis on the functional disorders of modern civilizations and the significance of social and emotional problems on normal conduct. 3
PSY 3200 Psychological Adjustment Prerequisite: PSY 2100 or 2120. A study of psychological theories and processes with emphasis on the application of psychology in one’s life. 3
PSY 3300 Experimental Psychology Prerequisite: PSY 2400. A systematic overview of experimental design and procedures covering the fields of learning, memory, problem solving, development, psychometrics, environmental and social processes. A lab component is offered. 4
PSY 3310 The Psychology of Human Development and Maturation Prerequisite: PSY 2100 or 2120. An introduction to the study of human growth and development from conception through adulthood and death. 3
PSY 3400 Psychological Measurement Prerequisites PSY 2120, 2400. An introduction to the study of psychological tests, methods, and results in the measurement of intelligence, achievement, and personality. 4
PSY 3600 Social Psychology Prerequisites: PSY 2120, 3300. An examination of how people influence the beliefs and behaviors of others, viewed from the perspectives of the influencer and the object of the influence. Included are such topics as social perception, conformity, attitude change, cognitive consistency, leadership and authority, techniques of data collection and experimental design. 3
PSY 4100 Psychology of Learning Prerequisite PSY 3300. An examination and evaluation of current theories of learning, with special attention given to concepts of classical conditioning and instrumental learning. 3
PSY 4112 Human Motivation Prerequisite: PSY 3300. This course will provide advanced students of psychology with the basic concepts, principles, and theories of the psychology of motivation. The etiology of and methods of instigating and manipulating motivation will be systematically explored. 3
PSY 4120 Psychology of Personality Prerequisite: PSY 3100 or 3200. A focus on the structure and development of the normal personality. Influences of childhood experiences upon personality and the significance of emotional development, integration, measurement of traits and personality types will be systematically examined. 3
PSY 4121 Adolescent Psychology Prerequisite: PSY 2100 or 2120. An examination of psychological theories and research methods and findings regarding the intellectual, emotional, perceptual and social development of the adolescent. Special coping or adjustment difficulties of the adolescent will be an integral part of the course. 3
PSY 4210 Undergraduate Internship Prerequisites PSY 2120, 2400, 3300 and nine additional hours of psychology. Direction and concentration are arranged by the instructor of record. For mature students with exible schedules and a demonstrated commitment for community serviceresearch. 3
PSY 4310 Applied Industrial and Organizational Psychology Prerequisite: PSY 2120. The study of efficient and effective ways to improve industrial and organizational performance via personnel selection, classification, isolating motivational factors, engineering, and man machine interface. 3
PSY 4410 Intermediate Statistics for Students of Psychology Prerequisite PSY 2400 A study of statistical concepts, principles and procedures in the areas of basic descriptive statistics and inferential statistics including measures of central tendency, variability, probability, and mathematical distributions, hypothesis testing, chi-square, analysis of variance and multiple correlation. 3
PSY 4500 Physiological Psychology Prerequisite: PSY 2120. A study of physiological mechanisms which underlie behavior adjustments. Special attention is paid to the receptors, neural and effecter mechanisms involved in perception, learning, and emotional behavior. 3
PSY 4900 Undergraduate Thesis Prerequisites PSY 4110 and permission of the department. Opportunities will be provided for the students to develop and write a supervised major research paper in any area of psychology that is agreed upon by the student and the advisor. The major objectives of the course are to assure that students are able to do adequate research, use qualitative tools and instruments in the field, and develop and defend a final paper in a format stipulated by the instructor. 3
PSY 4910 Undergraduate Honors Seminar Prerequisites: Junior or senior status and at least a 3.0 GPA. This course is designed for honors or high achieving majors to discuss, test, and explore their research interests. 1
PSY 4920 Senior Seminar Prerequisite senior status. Students will focus on relevant issues and problems in psychology. Preparation for graduate and professional schools and the requirements for careers in psychology and related disciplines will be explored. 1
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