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ClassID Name Description Credits
PADM 2400 Introduction to Public Administration Prerequisite: POLS 2100. This course involves the study of the principles and problems of public administration at the state and national levels. 3
PADM 3130 Computer Applications to Public Administration Problems I This is an introductory course in computer application to such public administration areas as personnel and financial system maintenance and retrieval, survey and aggregate data analysis, and data transformation systems. 3
PADM 3400 Public financial Administration This course is designed to familiarize the students with the role of financial administration and budgeting in the determination of governmental policy, administrative planning, control of governmental operations, and intergovernmental relations. 3
PADM 3420 Urban Administration This course examines the administrative aspects of urban problems. It examines the causes, effects and possible solutions to these problems making use of such techniques as gaming simulation, field research and interaction with public administrators. The scope of problems considered varies as the urban scene changes. Presently, it includes planning, financing, housing, racism, welfare, poverty, education, crime, transportation and health care. These problems will be examined in light of such concepts as citizen participation, ethnic politics and the politics of decision making. 3
PADM 3460 Public Personnel Administration This course examines the role of human resources in public and nonprofit organizations from a strategic perspective. The student will learn human resource functions, from recruitment and selection to career development. 3
PADM 3470 Public Administration and Public Policy This course will define the public policy-making process in the United States. The major focus will be on defining specific areas of public policy such as housing, welfare, health education, planning, etc., analyzing those policies and proposing alternative delivery systems. The student will be exposed to the processes of public policy formulation, implementation and evaluation. A working knowledge of aggregate data analysis will be helpful to the student. 3
PADM 3490 Intergovernmental Administration This course examines the administrative aspects of policies that cross governmental jurisdiction lines, i.e., local, state and federal. It focuses upon the cooperation, conflicts and competition among the various levels of government and how they affect the administration of public programs. The course will include intergovernmental legislative and personnel problems. 3
PADM 3520 Urban Planning and Public Administration This course focuses on planning theory and practice as they relate to urban areas. It will examine the planning process; it will relate planning to various urban problems, housing, education, health, transportation, etc.; it will relate planning to the administrative process; and will give an overview of the role of planning in national development, i.e. regional planning and other forms of sub-national planning. It will closely examine the relationship between the planner and the administrator in urban areas. 3
PADM 4020 Introduction to Honors Research I Prerequisites: minimum 3.2 GPA and permission of the instructor. Students are introduced to public administration research and must plan and begin the senior thesis. One chapter of the senior thesis must be written and approved in this course. 3
PADM 4030 Introduction to Honors Research II Prerequisite: PADM 4020. In this course students complete the senior thesis begun in PADM 4020. 3
PADM 4130 Computer Applications to Public Administration Problems II Prerequisite: PADM 3130. This is an advanced course in computer application, which deals with the study of advanced computer techniques including multivariate analysis, index and scale applications to public administration systems, and research using several computer routines. 3
PADM 4230 Administration and Organizational Theory Prerequisite: PADM 2400. This is an advanced course in public administration designed to strengthen the student’s understanding of the theory and practice of administrative organizations. 3
PADM 4240 Seminar in Public Administration Prerequisites: PADM 3400, 3460, 3470, 3490, 4230, and senior status. This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to synthesize the various aspects of the public administration program. Students will be expected to draw on all of their experiences, lecture courses, internship and directed readings, and to address the issues and problems in the field of public administration. 3
PADM 4300 Public Administration Internship I Prerequisites: PADM 2400, 3130, 3400, 3460, 3470, and senior status. This internship is a highly structured course designed to help the student integrate theoretical, textbook knowledge with the real world of public administration. The nature of this internship is experiential, and the student is under close supervision by the internship director and trained agency personnel, while working on clearly defined projects. 3
PADM 4310 Public Administration Internship II Prerequisite: PADM 4300. This course is a continuation of PADM 4300, in which the student will complete additional hours in a public or nonprofit agency. A final paper describing the internship experience is required. 3
PADM 4620 Special Topics in Public Administration This course involves an investigation of in-depth, research-based analyses of contemporary topical areas in public administration not covered in other courses. It is designed to address the emerging issues related to the discipline. 3
PADM 4630 Independent Study Prerequisite: Junior or senior status. This course includes independent readings and research under the supervision of an instructor. The course may be repeated twice as different topics or readings are selected for examination. 3
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