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MKT 3210 Principles of Marketing Prerequisites SOCI 2000, ECON 2200 or ECON 2300. The major objective is to develop in the student the ability to analyze marketing problems and to provide an introduction to that sector of business activity concerned with the distribution of products to business and consumers. The course describes the background and framework of the marketing structure of modern business organizations. 3
MKT 3310 Business Ethics Business Ethics is concerned with the analysis and application of moral principles and norms or the clarification of dilemmas of managers and other employees who make business decisions. 3
MKT 3350 Promotion Management Prerequisite MKT 3210. This course will study promotion as persuasive communication. It will examine promotion management and its relationship to the overall marketing program. Primary emphasis will be placed on advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling. 3
MKT 3450 Consumer Behavior Prerequisite MKT 3210. This course includes an examination of the effects of personality, motivation, perception, learning, attitudes, cultural and social influences, and lifestyle changes on buying situations and how analysis of these factors enables the marketing manager to improve customer satisfaction. Sociological, psychological, and economics models will be considered. 3
MKT 4050 Professional Selling Prerequisite MKT 3210. This course focuses on selling competencies, and the process of making informative and persuasive verbal presentations including presenting materials and formats, handling objectives, closing sales, and servicing customers. 3
MKT 4150 Sales Management Prerequisite MKT 3210. This is a study of the principles of persuasion as applied to the science and art of selling. Emphasis will be upon the sales managers functions of organization, selection, training, and supervision of the sales force. 3
MKT 4250 Retailing Prerequisite MKT 3210. A survey course embracing the principles and practices of retail operations including location and layout, buying, pricing, promotion, credit, and stock control. The course will primarily take a midmanagement approach. 3
MKT 4350 Industrial Marketing Prerequisite MKT 3210. This is a study of the marketing of materials, equipment, and supplies to manufacturers, other business firms, and institutions that use purchased goods in further production. 3
MKT 4450 International Marketing Prerequisite MKT 3210. This course covers the planning and organizing for international marketing operations. It identifies the differences in market arrangements and the differences in the legal, cultural, and economic factors in various countries. 3
MKT 4650 Marketing Research Prerequisites MKT 3210, DSC 3300. This course examines research methods and procedures for the conduct of studies leading to marketing decisions. Techniques of gathering and analyzing data related to advertising, sales, pricing, product, and distribution. Actual participation in the conduct of research studies in these areas will also be provided. 3
MKT 4690 Marketing Seminar Prerequisites MKT 3350, MKT 4150. This course will allow students to both uncover and study current marketing problems. Emphasis will be upon the topics of interest as defined by the individual marketing student. 3
MKT 5570 Marketing Strategy This course is intended to increase the student's capacity for effectively utilizing human resources within a variety of organizational frameworks. Basic concepts such as perception, motivation, communication, conflict, and change are discussed and applied to the manager's decision making and action taking roles. 3
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