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ClassID Name Description Credits
JAZZ 2020 Jazz Combo An instrumental group comprised of a rhythm section 2
JAZZ 2100 Jazz Improvisation Prerequisites: MUSL 1010, 1220, 2210, JAZZ 2250. Theory and actual performance of improvised jazz solo with an emphasis on functional harmony, melodic patterns, modes, and special scales. This course is intended for both instrumentalists and vocalists. Permission of the instructor is required. 2
JAZZ 2250 Jazz Theory I Prerequisites: MUSL 1220, 2110. A study of the basic elements of jazz harmony, including major and minor scales, modes, pentatonic scales, symmetrically altered scales, interval chords, thirteenth chords, polychords, and ear training. 3
JAZZ 2260 Jazz Theory II Prerequisite: JAZZ 2250 with a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher. A continuation of JAZZ 2250, with special emphasis on five- part harmony, modal harmony, chords voiced in fourths, ear training, and analysis and transcription of jazz solos. 3
JAZZ 3100 Advanced Jazz Improvisation Prerequisite: JAZZ 2100, 2260. A continuation of JAZZ 2100 with emphasis on advanced elements of jazz improvisation 2
JAZZ 4000 History of Jazz A survey of the respective style-periods, performers, composers and stylistic influences in the evolution of jazz. 3
JAZZ 4700 Jazz Arranging Writing jazz arrangements for various combinations of instruments and/or voice. Provision will be made for readings of arrangements by an appropriate ensemble. This course is open to music majors and other students with the permission of the instructor. 3
JAZZ 4730 Jazz Composition Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. The development of compositional techniques in the jazz idiom. 3
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