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HADM 1000 Introduction to Hospitality Management Corequisite HADM 1100. A survey of the hotel, restaurant and tourism industries their history, problems, general operating procedures, management functions, and concepts in hospitality and tourism management. Executives from the hospitality industry sectors will be featured. 3
HADM 1100 Lodging Management and Operations Corequisite HADM 1000. An overview of the functions and operations of departments in various lodging facilities to include front office operations and guest services, housekeeping, accounting systems, and night audit. Personnel issues and regulations related to the provision of quality services will be examined and analyzed. 3
HADM 2000 Introduction to Travel and Tourism Prerequisite HADM1000. This course provides a basic understanding of domestic and international trends in travel and tourism to include the terminology, demographics, historical, economical, sociocultural, and environmental trends related to tourism management and sustainable development. 3
HADM 2010 Applied Sanitation and Safety This course introduces students to the basic principles of sanitation, hygiene and safety as it relates to the 283 hospitality and tourism industry. Emphasis is placed upon training of supervisory personnel in sanitation procedures. Course meets standards for certified food safety manager certificate. Students must pass certification examination to receive credit. 1
HADM 2900 Hospitality Work Experience I Prerequisites HADM 1000 and 1100. Professional work experience in various sectors of the hospitality and tourism industry. Students will identify management challenges and formulate strategies and plans for improvement. Emphasis will be placed on mastering specific skill sets identified in the work experience manual. (This course satisfies 250 hours of the 1000 hours of work experience required.) 0
HADM 3000 Procurement in Lodging Facilities and Food and Beverage Outlets Prerequisites HADM 2010, ACCT 2500.This course covers purchasing of goods and services specifically for lodging facilities and food and beverage outlets. Emphasis on buying procedures, inventory control, standards and specifications, receiving and storing processes of goods, and ethical concerns is covered. 3
HADM 3010 Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Control Prerequisites HADM 3000, ACCT 2500. This course will focus on the principles of food, beverage, and labor cost controls with emphasis on cost and sales concepts, cost volume profit relationship, food purchasing control, food receiving controls, food sales, production controls, beverage controls, variance analysis, and establishing performance standards. This is a certification course by the American Hotel and Motel Association. 3
HADM 3020 Food and Beverage Production Prerequisites HADM 2010, 30l0. The course will focus on food service systems, including menu management, purchasing and production applied to an operating environment. Laboratory includes demonstration of basic food production techniques, culinary and management principles. Laboratory uniforms are required. (One hour lecture, and three hours laboratory). 3
HADM 3030 Advanced Lodging and Operations Management This course provides opportunity for students to virtually operate a large hotel utilizing simulation software. The simulation software package covers reservations, front office operations, accounting, and housekeeping functions. 3
HADM 3040 Event Planning and Management This course provides students with the concepts and logistics of event planning and management. The course entails marketing, planning costing, executing, and evaluating of events. Students are required to complete and or assist with a major event. 3
HADM 3050 Introduction to Gaming This course explores the history of the gaming industry and functions of casinos in relation to lodging facilities, restaurants, and resorts. This course also provides an overview of legal, social, and economical issues throughout the United States and abroad. 3
HADM 3060 Eco and Cultural Tourism This course is a study of purposeful travel and tourism natural habitats to create an understanding of the cultural and natural history pertaining to the environment. The course emphasizes not altering the ecosystem, while producing economic benefits to local people and governments that encourage the preservation of the inherent resources of the environments locally and elsewhere. Heritage and Cultural tourism sites in North Carolina will be explored. 3
HADM 3070 Resort and Recreational Management The course provides a comprehensive approach to the operations of resort and recreational properties to include the historical aspects, planning, financial investment management, and marketing that deals with the unique nature of the business. The course also addressees the future and impact of condominiums, vacation clubs, technological changes, and the increased cost of energy and transportation status. 3
HADM 3410 Meetings and Convention Management This course introduces students to organization, logistics, and operation of conventions, trade shows, and professional meetings. Emphasis is placed on the methods of marketing, selling, and servicing conventions, professional meetings, and trade shows. 3
HADM 3500 Travel and Tourism Management Prerequisite HADM 2000. This course takes a multidisciplinary look at various issues in present day travel and tourism including tourism destinations and their attractiveness, tourist profiles and destination decisions, space travel, religious travel, new trends in marketing and promotion, and issues facing management from a global perspective. 3
HADM 3700 Leadership Colloquium in Hospitality and Tourism Prerequisite (Junior Standing) An analysis and synthesis of current trends, business practices, and legislative and socioeconomic issues, impacting the hospitality and tourism industry. Students receive training in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People resulting in a certificate. Executives from the hospitality industry provide students and faculty with insights into senior level managerial decision-making. 2
HADM 3800 Human Resources Management Prerequisites MGT 3000 or FOOD 3520. The study of organizational behavior, selection and placement of personnel, supervision, performance appraisal, wage and salary administration, unionism, employee motivation, communication, and training pertaining to the establishment of an effective employee relations program. 3
HADM 3900 Hospitality Work Experience II Prerequisite HADM 2900. A continuation of HADM 2900. Opportunity for students to continue obtaining professional work experience in the hospitality industry. (This course satisfies the second 250 hours of the 1000 hours of work experience required.) 0
HADM 4010 Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism This course introduces students to the basic principles of entrepreneurship and franchising opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry. Emphasis will be on selecting a franchise or development of a startup business. Various franchised hospitality businesses will be analyzed for marketing effectiveness and financial performance. 3
HADM 4100 Research Methods Hospitality and Tourism Prerequisites HADM 1100, 2000, 3500, 3800, EDU 3700. This course introduces students to the research process and various research methods that would be appropriate in the analysis of problems in the hospitality and tourism industry. Basic concepts of research design, instrument development, data collection techniques, sampling issues and the analysis 284 and reporting of data will be reported. 3
HADM 4200 Hospitality Sales and Marketing Prerequisite MKT 3210. An exploration of the design and delivery of a marketing plan for segments of the hospitality industry based on customer services to achieve guest satisfaction and competitive distinctiveness. The application of basic marketing concepts and research methods will be emphasized. 3
HADM 4300 Hospitality Law and Ethics A study of the laws and ethical considerations applicable to the operation of lodging, food service, travel and tourism, and recreation/entertainment enterprises. Emphasis is placed on the relationship of management to employees and guests, host duty at common law, tort concepts, and management liability of hospitality facilities. (Junior/Senior standing) 2
HADM 4400 Hospitality Financial Management Prerequisites ACCT 2500, ECON 2300. This course addresses the generation and analysis of quantitative information for planning, control, and decision making in hospitality enterprises. Financial reports will be examined as tools for analyzing past performance, future projects, and day today decision-making. Students will also conduct a capital expenditure project. 3
HADM 4500 Food Service Production and Operations Prerequisites HADM 2010, 3000, 3010, 3020. This course is a continuation of HADM 3000 Food and Beverage Production. Practical experience is provided in menu planning, food purchasing and quantity cooking methods, the use and care of equipment, sanitation and maintenance, and service techniques as they rotate through various positions commonly found in dinning operations. Laboratory uniform required. (One hour lecture 3 hours laboratory) 3
HADM 4600 Hospitality and Tourism Seminar A capstone course focusing on the application of managerial, leadership, and operational concepts. Students work in groups to undertake a complex problem solving activity in cooperation with a participating hospitality tourism industry organization. A seminar is presented as the final product. (Senior status and permission of the instructor.) 3
HADM 4700 Hospitality Facilities Management requisite HADM 1100, 2010, 3000. This course introduces students to the concept of design, branding, basic engineering and building codes, in relation to hospitality facilities. Students are also introduced to concepts and strategies for securing financial resources. Students are required to complete a facilities design project encompassing design, site appraisal, market research, and budgetary concerns. 3
HADM 4800 Profit Planning and Decision Making Prerequisite HADM 4400. A study of the decision making process involved in the development of profit plans through the use of hospitality industry studies. Emphasis on cash management, cost volume profit analysis, price decisions, volume forecasting, capital budgeting, variance analysis, and tax consideration will be covered. 2
HADM 4900 Hospitality and Tourism Internship This course provides the student with supervised management work experience in lodging, travel and tourism food service or recreationentertainment. Biweekly internet conferences and a comprehensive internship report are mandatory. This course may be taken for variable credits and satisfies 500 hours of the 1000 hours of work experience required. (Senior status) 3 to 5
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