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ClassID Name Description Credits
FOOD 2200 Introduction to Human Nutrition An introduction to the nutrients essential to human life and well being. A study of the nature of dietary nutrients, their functions in the body and food sources. 3
FOOD 2210 Sanitation and Safety 2
FOOD 2300 Nutrition and Health Promotion Prerequisite: FOOD 2200; SCI 1220.A consumer course in nutrition designed to help students understand the impact of nutrition on complete well-being and optimal health. 3
FOOD 2310 Food Selection, Preparation and Meal Management Prerequisite: FOOD 2200 or 2300. The scientific principles of food preparation with emphasis on standards of selection, purchasing, preparation, storage and preservation; includes management principles essential to menu planning, food preparation, and meal service and evaluation. Laboratory required. 3
FOOD 2320 Intermediate Nutrition Prerequisites: FOOD 2200; MATH 1070 or MATH 1100; Co-requisite: CHEM 1200. An in-depth study of the nutrients in terms of their classification, functions, food sources, physiological and biochemical basis for nutrient requirements, dietary standards, nutrient quality interrelationships. 3
FOOD 2340 Intermediate Meal Management Prerequisites: FOOD 2200, 2310. The principles essential to menu planning, production and management. Laboratory required. 4
FOOD 3200 Sanitation and Safety An application of “The Sanitation Risk Management Program” 2
FOOD 3210 Clinical Assessment and Counseling 2
FOOD 3410 Food Science and Experimental Foods Prerequisites: FOOD 2200; SCI 1220. A study of the physical and chemical structure of food and the effects of processing and preparation on properties. Basic skills in scientific report writing and research methods with food products are studied. 4
FOOD 3510 Institutional and Quantity Food Purchasing Prerequisite: FOOD 2310. An introduction to food purchasing for institutional and business enterprises. Quality control, marketing, bidding practices used in industry, and governmental regulations will be emphasized. 3
FOOD 3520 Institutional Management and Organization Prerequisites: FOOD 2310, 3510. The principles of organization and management of food service operations, including analysis of selected administrative problems. Organizational structure, behavior and group dynamics are explored. field trips to local food service establishments and a portfolio are required. 3
FOOD 4210 Applied Nutrition Prerequisites: FOOD 2320; CHEM 3100; BIOL 1620. An overview of the application of nutritional principles including: malnutrition, life cycle, nutrient megadoses, fiber, exercise, weight control, and food fads. Written reports and project required. 3
FOOD 4500 Nutrition Biochemistry 4
FOOD 4600 Clinical Nutrition I Prerequisites: FOOD 2320, 4210, CHEM 3100. An introduction to patients and clients. Medical foods and supplements, disease classiflcation and symptoms, and development of suitable dietary plans for the nutritional support of individuals with certain pathological conditions are studied. 3
FOOD 4620 Applied Competencies in Nutrition 2
FOOD 4630 Clinical Nutrition II Continuation of FOOD 4600, Clinical Nutrition I. This course covers the classification, symptoms and nutritional management of patients with major disease conditions including diseases of the urinary tract, diabetes, cardiovascular system, and eating disorders. 3
FOOD 4640 Nutrition and Later Maturity An examination of nutrition and aging. Course is primarily concerned with the biological aspects of aging, food habits, nutritional requirements, meal planning and community resources available to the elderly. 3
FOOD 4660 Clinical Nutrition Practicum Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor. The field experience is meant to strengthen learning activities in clinical nutrition for students in dietetics. Time will be spent in observation, information interpretation, developing and evaluating diet, preparing reports, nutritional assessment and learning about the dietetic profession. 2
FOOD 4670 Nutrition Education Prerequisites: FOOD 2200 or 2300, 2310. A survey of the philosophy, principles and methods of nutrition education. Discussions include reliable sources of nutrition information, tools and skills used in conducting nutrition programs, and various aspects of nutrition surveillance, nutrition care and promotion. Portfolio required. various aspects of nutrition surveillance, nutrition care and promotion. Portfolio required. 2
FOOD 4671 Community Nutrition Prerequisites: FOOD 2200 or 2300, 2310, 4670 2
FOOD 4700 Quantity Food Production and Service Prerequisites FOOD 2310, 3520. An application of principles of quantity food service. Production, scheduling, equipment operation, labor cost control and service procedures for quality foods prepared in quantity are included. field experience required. 3
FOOD 4710 Food Service Management Practicum Prerequisites: FOOD 3510, 3520. A supervised practicum required of all food service management students at senior level. 3 to 6
FOOD 4800 Food Service Planning: Layout and Equipment The scientific principles of layout and design of food service facilities. System components of electrical, refrigeration, equipment and space allocations are explained as they relate to systematic design and layout principles. 3
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