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FIN 3200 Principles of Finance Prerequisites ACCT 2400, DSC 2010. This course is designed to give business students an understanding of corporate finance. The course introduces students to corporate governance, time value of money and its application to securities valuation in finance. Other topics covered include the risk return tradeoff, basic capital budgeting, firm debt and dividend policies, financial ratios, mergers and acquisitions, and international corporate finance 3
FIN 3220 Financial Management Prerequisites FIN 3200, DSC 2010. The role of the financial officer as a key member of management is the central thrust of this course. It covers securities valuation, capital market theory, working capital management, and Financial Statements analysis and projection techniques. The financial questions investigated concern the management and analysis of cash, accounts receivable, inventory and shortterm liabilities as well as analysis of profitability and risk. The method of instruction involves both lectures and cases. 3
FIN 3400 Principles of Insurance Prerequisite FIN 3200 or consent of the instructor. A study of the basic principles of insurance and the theory of risk. Emphasis is placed on the characteristics of various insurance contracts and fundamentals of selecting insurers. 3
FIN 3850 Principles of Real Estate Prerequisites ACCT 2500, ECON 2200, ECON 2300. An introduction to real estate theory and practice economic fundamentals, physical characteristics, urban growth, city structure, land use planning, legal aspects, market analysis, appraisal, investment analysis, financing taxation, property management, operation of the real estate market, and land development. 3
FIN 4100 Investment Prerequisites FIN 3200 This course introduces students to the theory and practice of security analysis and portfolio management. It provides for broad understanding of security markets, with special emphasis on their information efficiency. Considerable attention is given to the analysis and valuation of bonds, common stock, options and futures. Other topics include portfolio theory, capital market theory and related empirical studies and portfolio performance evaluation. 3
FIN 4150 Financial Institutions and Capital Markets Prerequisites FIN 3200. A study of the structures and functions of financial institutions and their relationships to the financial management of firms. 3
FIN 4220 Commercial Bank Management Prerequisites FIN 3200. Principles underlying the management of a commercial bank, capital funds, asset and liability management, value maximization, legal and operational considerations. 3
FIN 4300 Life and Health Insurance Prerequisite FIN 3400. A study of life, health and annuity contracts, rate making and group insurance, the role of life and health insurance in personal financial planning and their use in business. 3
FIN 4350 Property and Liability Insurance Prerequisites FIN 3200, FIN 3400. A study of liability, fire, automobile, marine, burglary and other property insurance contracts. Emphasis is placed on insurance as a method of handling personal and business property and liability risks. 3
FIN 4410 International Finance Prerequisite FIN 3200. This course analyzes financial problems corporations face that result from operating in a corporate strategy and the decision to invest abroad, currency arbitrage, forecasting exchange rates and exchange risk, cost of capital and financial structure in multinational environment. 3
FIN 4520 Financial Statement Analysis Prerequisites ACCT 2500, FIN 3200. A course dealing with the analysis of information contained in a firms financial statements. The focus is on understanding this information and using it to make investment decisions regarding the firm. These investment decisions involve valuation and require analysis of the information contained in the firms financial statements to forecast future earnings, dividends, and cash flows. The course will consider how the results of the firms investing, financing, and operating activities can be analyzed to determine firm value. 3
FIN 4740 Management of Real Estate Assets Prerequisites FIN 3200, FIN 3850. A study of the management techniques applicable to the longterm management and operation of income producing properties. Emphasizes the generation of maximum longterm economic returns from real estate investments, leases, lease negotiations, ownership, insurance and taxation. 3
FIN 4980 Seminar in Financial Management Prerequisites FIN 3220, and senior standing. A study of recent developments in the financial management literature as well as the application of financial theories and techniques of analysis to the search for optimal solutions to financial management problems. 3
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