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ClassID Name Description Credits
FCSC 1000 Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences An introduction to the field of family and consumer sciences and its philosophy from a historical, contemporary, and futuristic perspective. 3
FCSC 2000 Observation and Participation in Vocational Family and Consumer Sciences A study of vocational Family and Consumer Sciences programs in North Carolina. Such observation and participation in Family and Consumer Sciences programs provide early field experience for prospective teachers. 3
FCSC 2150 Computer Applications in Consumer and Family Oriented Careers 3
FCSC 2170 Interpersonal Relationships and Group Dynamics A study of group behavior, conflict management, group dynamics and problem solving techniques in interpersonal relationships. 3
FCSC 2800 Health, Nutrition and Safety in Early Childhood An overview of the health, medical and physical needs of young children including safety procedures, infection control, common health problems, and licensing standards. Competencies for working with typical children and those with complex medical needs and physical disabilities are emphasized. 3
FCSC 2810 Introduction to the Education of the Young Child (renumbered from HECO 3100) An orientation to the philosophy, history, foundations, and basic principles of child development, early childhood education and early childhood special education. Emphasis is on recommended practices including family-centered, interdisciplinary, inclusive, individualized, individually appropriate, and culturally sensitive care. 3
FCSC 2900 Prenatal, Infant and Toddler Development An interdisciplinary, multicultural study of theories and research related to the physical, sensor motor, social, emotional, cognitive, communicative, aesthetic, and adaptive development of infants and toddlers. Observation experiences required. 3
FCSC 2910 Typical and Atypical Preschool Development An interdisciplinary, multicultural study of theories and research related to the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, communicative, aesthetic, and adaptive development of typical and atypical children ages 3 to 5. Observation experiences required. 3
FCSC 3000 Middle Childhood and Adolescence A study of growth and development in middle childhood and adolescence 3
FCSC 3210 Creative Activities for Young Children Prerequisite: FCSC 2900 or FCSC 2910. Designed to identify creativity and implement strategies which encourage creativity in children. Emphasis will be on the development of nontraditional teaching through innovative curricula and technological experiences. Laboratory required. 3
FCSC 3300 Adulthood and Gerontology An analysis of the major characteristics and problems common to adulthood and the aging process. 3
FCSC 3320 Family Policy An examination of policies, issues and concerns which affect the social, economic and political functions of contemporary families. 3
FCSC 3600 Guiding Behavior in Young Children Prerequisite: FCSC 2900 or FCSC 2910. An in-depth study of developmentally appropriate guidance theories and strategies including establishing effective classroom routines and procedures, promoting prosocial behavior, minimizing disruptive behavior and utilizing effective behavior management techniques. 3
FCSC 3610 Curriculum and Instruction for Young Children A focus on knowledge and skills in utilizing developmentally and functionally appropriate curricula models for children from birth through kindergarten. 3
FCSC 3620 Program Development for Infants and Toddlers Prerequisite: FCSC 2900. Co-requisite: FCSC 3621. An introduction to the theoretical bases, goals, philosophies and characteristics of quality programs for infants and toddlers. Creating appropriate learning environments, building trusting and respectful relationships with children and their families, and developing an individualized curriculum will be the foundation for the course. 3
FCSC 3621 Practicum with Infants and Toddlers Prerequisite: FCSC 2900. Co-requisite: FCSC 3620. A weekly seminar designed to link theory and practice FCSC 3620 knowledge and skills through experiences in various settings with children from birth through age two. Opportunities are provided to reflect on individual’s experiences. 1
FCSC 3630 Program Development for Preschool and Kindergarten Prerequisite: FCSC 2910. Co-requisite: FCSC 3631. An introduction to the theoretical bases, goals, philosophies and characteristics of quality preschools and kindergartens including developmentally appropriate, family-centered, play-based, and inclusive care. The appropriate use of technology in the preschool and kindergarten classroom is presented. 3
FCSC 3631 Practicum in Preschool and Kindergarten Prerequisite: FCSC 2910. Co-requisite: FCSC 3630. An opportunity to link knowledge and skills through experiences in a classroom setting with children between 3 years and kindergarten. A weekly seminar will connect theory and concepts from FCSC 3630 to real life settings and provide opportunities to reflect on individual’s experiences. 1
FCSC 3640 Assessment and Evaluation in Early Childhood Prerequisite: FCSC 2900 or 2910. Designed to develop a broad set of child and family observation skills and the ability to apply and interpret a variety of formal and informal assessment tools. Methods of evaluating the effectiveness of teaching staff, curricula, and aspects of educational programs are presented. 3
FCSC 3650 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Prerequisite: FCSC 2900 or 2910. Examines early language development and the language arts of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Content includes the knowledge and skills needed to implement an integrated language arts curriculum and adapt it to meet the learning needs of individual children. 3
FCSC 3900 Management Theories and Principles An application of theories and principles of human resource management which influence the selection and use of resources. Students may choose to register for 4 hours which requires laboratory experiences. 2 to 4
FCSC 4100 Cooperative Education Prerequisite: FCSC 2000. A study of occupational competencies essential for effective community partnerships. Classroom instruction will emphasize cooperative planning with local agencies, businesses and industries for training related to occupational family and consumer sciences areas. Portfolio required. 3
FCSC 4110 Curriculum and Program Planning Co/Prerequisites: CLTX 2410, 2510, 3110; FOOD 2200, 2310. An application of principles of curriculum development in instructional planning. Needs of individual learners are met through the use of a variety of methods, strategies and techniques, including simulated teaching, which enables students to master teacher competencies. 3
FCSC 4120 History and Philosophy of Career and Technical Education An in-depth study of the history, foundation, organization and philosophy of the work force development process at the middle grade level. 3
FCSC 4130 Organization, Techniques and Materials for Middle Grade Programs A study of curricula methodologies resources, and facilities for teaching middle grades. 3
FCSC 4200 Family and Social Systems Family and social systems theories, research, and application to marriage and family settings. An ecological, bi-directional view of individuals, families and communities is presented. 3
FCSC 4500 Consumer Economics An analysis of basic economic principles which influence decisions involving individual and family finances, with emphasis on purchasing practices of the consumer. 3
FCSC 4620 Practicum in Human Development Prerequisite: All major courses through the first semester of the senior year or the permission of the instructor. The practical application of theory related to working with children, individuals and groups in diverse cultural contexts. 3
FCSC 4730 Administration and Supervision of Human Development Programs (renumbered from HECO 4720) Prerequisites: FCSC 2900,3000, 3610. Management and leadership principles as they apply to the administration of human development programs. Supervisory techniques, job descriptions, data analyses, record keeping, budget management, and program evaluation are emphasized. 3
FCSC 4750 Special Problems Prerequisite: Junior/Senior status and permission of the instructor. An in-depth study of critical issues and problems in Human Sciences. This course may be taken up to three times for credit each time. 3
FCSC 4810 Perspectives on Disadvantaged and Special Needs Individuals and Families Prerequisites: FCSC 2900, 2910 or 3000. A study of selected societal conditions which affect individuals, families, and multi-cultural groups. Strategies for working with disadvantaged and special needs individuals are included. 3
FCSC 4900 Senior Seminar in Human Sciences Prerequisite: Senior status. A capstone course for family and consumer sciences majors. 2
FCSC 4920 Parent Education Co-requisite: FCSC 4200. Emphasis will be placed upon promoting cooperative relationships among children, educators, and community personnel to enhance child’s growth and development. 3
FCSC 4930 Reading and Research in Early Childhood Prerequisites: FCSC 2810, 2900 or 2910, and 3610, 3620 or 3630. An introduction to educational research including quantitative and qualitative approaches. Requirements include reading and critiquing research studies which utilize various methodologies. 3
FCSC 4940 Families, Professionals and Communities: Teaming and Collaboration Co-requisites: FCSC 4200, 4941. Examines the functions of teams in early childhood as well as the roles of a variety of professionals in assessment, intervention and agency coordination. This course explores the models of the team process, the coordination of responsive services for families, and various models of consultation. 3
FCSC 4941 Practicum with Families Co-requisites: FCSC 4200, 4940. An opportunity to link knowledge and skills through experience working with families or the agencies serving families. A weekly seminar connecting theory and concepts from FCSC 4940 to real life settings, competency based assignments, and reflection on individual’s experiences. 1
FCSC 4990 Directed Teaching in Birth Through Kindergarten Prerequisites: all courses in the major. A full semester, 300 hour, supervised placement working with children between the ages of birth and kindergarten. Provides students with an opportunity to practice newly acquired skills in settings in which they can be observed and coached by selected licensed teachers. 12
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