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ClassID Name Description Credits
DSC 2010 Elementary Statistics Prerequisite MATH 2000. A course concerned with the application of statistical techniques to economic and business problems. Topics covered include description and numerical methods of describing data, probability concepts and application, discrete and continuous probability distributions, estimation and hypothesis testing. 3
DSC 3020 Statistical Analysis Prerequisite DSC 2010. Statistical methods useful in analyzing business problems. Subjects to be covered include multiple regression and model building, index numbers and time series, analysis of variance, sampling techniques, and nonparametric statistics. 3
DSC 3300 Decision Sciences Prerequisite DSC 2010. An introduction to the use of mathematical concepts and models in managerial decision-making. Review of finite mathematical tools, linear programming, applied probabilistic concepts and decision theory. 3
DSC 3750 Operations Management Prerequisite DSC 3300. An introduction to the management of operating systems techniques and methods employed to plan and control manufacturing, service, forecasting, production scheduling, quality control, job design, methods, measurement and wage payments. 3
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