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ClassID Name Description Credits
DRAM 1000 Appreciation of Drama A survey of types of drama, of major periods of drama, and of how drama is produced and staged to develop appreciation and critical standards for Drama through studying, viewing and listening. 2
DRAM 2000 Theatre Practice Practical experience in technical theatre, costuming, management and promotions as the students assist in preparing for two major theatrical productions each semester. May be repeated for credit. 1
DRAM 2030 Technical Theatre I An introduction to the basic operation of shop tools, stage hardware and equipment, the primary elements of stage construction and the technical elements of staging, basic design and color theory, and mechanical drawing. 3
DRAM 2040 Introduction to Acting An introduction to basic principles of acting with emphasis on relaxation; discovering the body, the voice and space; stage vocabulary, character and script analysis; acting styles; and make-up. 3
DRAM 2050 Voice and Diction An introduction to basic understanding of the mechanics of voice production; the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet for diction study, and as an aid in recognizing and correcting common speech problems; the recognition of speech disorders for referral to a speech therapist; and an introduction to standard speech for the stage. 3
DRAM 2060 Oral Interpretation An introduction to the principles and methods of selecting, analyzing and presenting prose, poetry and drama through solo and group performance. 3
DRAM 2070 Stage Management 1
DRAM 2110 Theatre History I 3
DRAM 2120 Theatre History II 3
DRAM 2130 Dramatic Literature I 3
DRAM 2160 Introduction to Design 3
DRAM 3010 Dramatic Literature I 3
DRAM 3020 Dramatic Literature II 3
DRAM 3030 Directing I 3
DRAM 3040 Playwriting 3
DRAM 3050 Dramatic Literature III WI 3
DRAM 3220 Technical Theatre II 3
DRAM 3240 Scene Design 3
DRAM 3310 Acting II 3
DRAM 3330 Theatre Movement 1
DRAM 3410 Directing II 3
DRAM 4040 Acting III 3
DRAM 4110 Children's Theatre 3
DRAM 4140 African-American Drama 3
DRAM 4210 Theatre Administration 3
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