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ClassID Name Description Credits
DANC 1010 Elementary Modern Dance A study of modern dance techniques, with attention to the development of modern dance, correct posture and body alignment, dance exercises, warm-up techniques, elements of dance, traditional dance steps, and ideas for creating dances. 2
DANC 1200 Social Dancing An overview of the basic fundamentals of social dance, with attention to popular dances during each historical period by decades and their appearance in present day dance movements. Included are the waltz, foxtrot, two- step, chacha, mumbo, disco, etc. 1
DANC 2520 Intermediate Modern Dance Prerequisite: DANC 1010. A continuation of Dance 1010. A review of beginning dance techniques and an introduction to intermediate technique, beginning composition, dance experimentation and pantomime. 1
DANC 3010 Advanced Modern Dance Prerequisite: DANC 2520. A continuation of Dance 2520. A review of intermediate technique, an introduction of advanced technique, composition, beginning choreography, and jazz technique. 1
DANC 4500 Methods and Materials in Folk and Square Dancing in the Secondary Schools An overview of fundamental skills of folk and square dance with attention to techniques of teaching. Required of all majors. 1
DANC 4600 Tap and Clog Dance An overview of basic steps in tap and clog dancing with attention to methods and materials for the beginner. 1
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