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ClassID Name Description Credits
CLTX 1000 Basic Apparel Construction An introductory course in basic apparel construction. These basic concepts and principles are prerequisite to apparel construction, design, and tailoring courses. Hand stitching, basic construction techniques, and sewing projects will be included. Laboratory required. 3
CLTX 2410 Apparel Construction and Management Prerequisite: CLTX 1000 or passing skill exam with 70% proficiency. The study of garment components, assembly, and construction. Emphasis will be placed on hands-on garment construction, evaluation, and assembly methods to provide functionality, quality, and fit. Laboratory required. 3
CLTX 2420 Clothing and People An interdisciplinary approach to the study of why and how people dress. The course provides information on the use of clothing and the personal appearance stimuli necessary for the understanding of self and others as well as giving meaning to the role of clothing to particular cultures, technologies and periods of time. 3
CLTX 2430 Apparel Alterations This course examines the methods and procedures for customizing the fit of ready-to-wear apparel. Common garment fitting problems and solutions for solving those problems will be identified and explored. 3
CLTX 2510 Consumer Textiles A study of the identification, characteristics, properties, components of textiles fibers, yarns, fabric construction finishes, government standards, laws, and regulations as related to consumer use. Laboratory required. 3
CLTX 2520 Intermediate Textiles Prerequisite: CLTX 2510. An in-depth study of textile fibers. Chemical and physical testing techniques studied as they relate to end use and care. Laboratory required. 3
CLTX 2620 History of Costume The study of costumes worn throughout history with emphasis on social, economic, political, technological and religious events that have influenced present day dress. 3
CLTX 3010 Fashion Illustration Prerequisite: ARTF 2110. An introduction to sketching body form fashion figure and garments on the figures. Emphasis on the interaction of the garment draped on the human form, costume rendering and layout. Computer graphics applications are also applied. 3
CLTX 3020 Apparel Design I Prerequisites: CLTX 2410, 2510. A study of apparel design that emphasizes basic standards, and elements and principles of design. Experimentation with the flat pattern method and computer aided design to draft patterns according to function, form and commercial design is emphasized. Laboratory required. 3
CLTX 3030 Apparel CAD Prerequisite: CLTX 2410; ARTF 2150. Utilizing computers to facilitate the apparel and textile design process. 3
CLTX 3110 Textiles and Designs for Interiors An introduction to the fundamentals of interior design including drawing skills, symbols, space requirements and rendering two- and three-dimensional interiors. Laboratory required. 3
CLTX 3820 Fashion Buying Prerequisites: MATH 1070,1100 or 1200. The fundamental principles underlying merchandising practices and procedures involving profit performance, inventory, pricing and repricing, terms of sale and dollar planning and control. The student applies these concepts in solving merchandising problems and global issues. 3
CLTX 4400 Internship in Professional Practice Prerequisites: CLTX 2410, 2420, 2510, 3020, 3030, 3820, 4410, 4510, 4520. A supervised cooperative field study in educational institutions, social agencies, businesses and industries that support the textile and apparel industry. Weekly seminar, correlated readings, and portfolio required. 6
CLTX 4410 Apparel Design II Prerequisite: CLTX 3020. An advance course in flat pattern development, draping, drafting, and computer design drawings and techniques. Experimentation with a sloper, draping, use of computer drawings, and drafting from body measurements will produce original apparel designs. Laboratory required. 3
CLTX 4420 Tailoring Prerequisite: CLTX 2410, 3020 or consent of instructor. The principles of tailoring including new methods of applications and various materials for construction. Laboratory required with garment design and construction are covered in this course. 3
CLTX 4510 Fashion Merchandising I Co/Prerequisite: CLTX 3820. The study of the basic principles that govern fashion movement and changes as well as concepts and practices in fashion merchandising at varying levels in the fashion business. 3
CLTX 4520 Fashion Merchandising II Prerequisite: CLTX 4510. An advanced study of buying and merchandising practices, and the duties and responsibilities of individuals involved in visual merchandising, fashion communication, and fashion buying. 3
CLTX 4550 Trends in Textiles and Apparel Prerequisite: CLTX 3820, 4510. A multidisciplinary examination of consumer issues in their social, economic, global and political context with a focus on consumer rights,ethics, public policy developments in production, performance,distribution and marketing of textiles and apparel. 3
CLTX 4910 Housing, Furnishings and Equipment A study of the historical, philosophical and management perspectives of housing, furnishings and equipment and the development of consumer awareness on environmental relationships involved. 3
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