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ClassID Name Description Credits
ARTV 2150 Computer Graphics I An inquiry into the fundamental concepts of computer graphics with emphasis on art and design. Keyboard experience is recommended. Art majors only or by consent of the instructor. 3
ARTV 2830 Typography Prerequisite: ARTF 2310. A review of typographic history and contemporary trends with emphasis on letterform design, terminology, computer typesetting, and compositional principles in working with text and display type. Six studio hours per week. Fall only. 3
ARTV 3150 Computer Graphics II Prerequisite: ARTV 2150. Using multiple software applications this course will address the development of a total graphic design. The course emphasizes advanced image-editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop. Adobe In Design and Macromedia Freehand will be used for file preparation and digital prepress. Spring Only. 3
ARTV 3800 Graphic Design Prerequisites: ARTV 2830. Art Majors Only. An introduction to the tools used in the creative process for visual communications. The focus is on investigating the relationship between word and image. Six studio hours per week. Spring only. 3
ARTV 3810 Advertising Design Prerequisite: ARTV 3800. The course examines the history of traditional advertisements. Studio problems include comprehensive rendering, layout and design of advertisements. Preparation of mechanical art and type for reproduction processes is emphasized. Six studio hours per week. Fall only. 3
ARTV 3820 Advanced Design Prerequisite: ARTV 3810. A continuation of ARTV 3810. Spring only. 3
ARTV 3830 Type Design II Prerequisite: ARTV 2830. This is an advanced course to broaden the understanding of typography. Instruction includes the physical components of letters/words, and the rules of legibility and style for effective layouts. Students will explore how type enhances visual communications in a digital environment. Spring only. 3
ARTV 3850 Illustration I Prerequisite: ARTF 2120, 3100, and 3210. An exploration of the basic techniques, media, and concepts in producing an illustration. Fall only. 3
ARTV 3860 Illustration II Prerequisite: ARTV 3850. A continuation of ARTV 3850 with emphasis on problem solving and conceptual thinking. A major objective is the development of students’ illustrative skills and the ability to investigate problems confronting the graphic designer in the commercial environment. Spring only. 3
ARTV 4150 Web Design Prerequisite: ARTV 3150 This advanced course examines the organization and construction of web page design, internet access, and online interactive media. 4
ARTV 4820 Problems in Visual Communications Prerequisite: ARTV 3820. In-depth problem-solving projects as they relate to professional issues. Emphasis on concept and design. 3
ARTV 4840 Visual Communications Seminar Prerequisite: ARTV 4820. Continuation of ARTV 4820. Design projects at the senior level requiring utilization of graphic skills and images for commercial industry. 3
ARTV 4880 Internship in Art Prerequisite: ARTV 3820. Senior art majors or by consent of the advisor. This course is designed to provide the student with experience in graphic art professions. The student will be under close supervision of the internship director and trained agency personnel, and will receive clearly defned work projects. 3
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