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ClassID Name Description Credits
ARTE 2610 Art Education I Art majors only or by permission of instructor. This course explores the recommended practices in qualitative curriculum planning in art education for kindergarten through sixth grade levels. Laboratory experiences will assist students in identifying the unique problems of the elementary school child. 3
ARTE 3610 Art Education II Prerequisites: ARTF 2110, 2120. This course explores the recommended practices in qualitative curriculum planning in art for sixth through twelfth grade levels with laboratory experiences. 3
ARTE 3710 Crafts I An exploration of materials and techniques within the craft media. Consideration of the visual elements and principles of design will be developed as they relate to both two and three-dimensional work. Emphasis on the development of visual perception and the expression of personal ideas, images and craftsmanship. Fall/Spring. 3
ARTE 3720 Crafts II Prerequisites: ARTE 3710. A continuation of ARTE 3710. Students will increase their skills and competencies. Students are expected to work independently and to propose their own projects. 3
ARTE 4101 Materials and Methods in Art This course is designed to provide students with a general knowledge of various aspects of instruction and learning in preparation for teaching art in the public schools, i.e., teaching and learning theory; effective methodology; the selection, preparation, organization, and scheduling of course content; classroom management; motivation, discipline, evaluation, and working with others. 3
ARTE 4201 Directed Teaching - Art Directed teaching in the senior year provides the opportunity for student teaching under supervision. A grade point average of 2.6 or above in the field in which certification is sought, and with approval of the School of Education. 6
ARTE 4610 Art Education III A study of the historical development and philosophies in art education in the United States and the art education curriculum in the public school for levels K-12. 3
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