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Mathematics, Secondary Education Licensure Academic Plan

Freshman Fall

Freshman Spring

Dept Id Title Credits
ENG 1110 English Composition I 3
HEDU 1531 Health 2
HUM 2410 Arts and Humanities I 3
MATH 2010 Calculus Analytic Geometry I 5
UNIV 1100 First Year Seminar 2
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
COMP 2200 Logic for the Mathematical Sci 3
EDU 3000 Intro to Edual Psyc 3
ENG 1210 English Composition II 3
HUM AHGEC Arts and Humanities GEC 3
MATH 2020 Calculus Analytic Geometry II 5
Semester Credits:

Sophomore Fall

Sophomore Spring

Dept Id Title Credits
EDU 3010 Human Growth Dev 3
MATH 2030 Calculus Analytic Geometry III 3
MATH 2600 Intro to Abstract Math 3
MFL PREQ Pre-requisite GEC 3
PHYS 2305 Fundamentals of Physics I 3
PHYS 2410 Fundamental Physics Lab I 1
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
COMP 1520 Prog II: C++ 3
COMP 1070 Prog for Sci Majors 3
COMP 2300 Discrete Stuc for Comp 3
MATH 3420 Linear Algebra I 3
MFL GEC Foreign Language II 3
PHYS 2310 Gen Physics II 3
PHYS 2420 Lab II 1
Semester Credits:

Junior Fall

Junior Spring

Dept Id Title Credits
EDU 2800 Comp Utils in Instral Tech 3
EDU 3030 Diversity Pedagogy Soc Change 3
ELCT GEC GEC Speaking 3
MATH 3020 Differential Equations 3
MATH 4210 Intro to Probability Stat I 3
MATH 4310 Advanced Multivariable Calculus I 3
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
EDU 3120 Special Needs 3
EDU 3150 Instral Planning 3
ELCT General Elective 3
HIST 1320 World Soc. 3
MATH 4200 Hist of Mathematics 3
MATH 4430 Abstract Algebra I 3
Semester Credits:

Senior Fall

Senior Spring

Dept Id Title Credits
EDU 3170 Assess of Learning 3
MATH 3100 Supervised Lab Exp 3
MATH 3500 Elem Number Theory 3
MATH 4100 Intro to Geometries 3
PEDU 1541 Fitness 2
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
EDU 4117 Methods Mater in Mathematics 3
EDU 4217 Dir Teaching of Mathematics 6
Semester Credits:
Estimated Minimum Required Credits: 124

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