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Public Health Education Academic Plan

Freshman Fall

Freshman Spring

Dept Id Title Credits
BIOL 1100 Gen Bio 3
ENG 1110 English Composition I 3
HEDU 2000 Intro to Health Edu 2
PEDU 1541 Fitness 2
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
BIOL 1300 Molecules Cell Function 4
ENG 1210 English Composition II 3
HEDU 2400 Health Personnel Group Leadership 3
HUM 2410 Arts and Humanities I 3
MATH 1110 Elem Stats 3
MSCM 1250 Speech Communication 3
Semester Credits:

Sophomore Fall

Sophomore Spring

Dept Id Title Credits
BIOL 1610 Human Anatomy Physiology I 4
HEDU 2100 Comm Health 2
HEDU 2200 Health Behavior for Effective Living 3
HIST 1320 World Soc. 3
HUM GEC Requirement 3
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
BIOL 1620 Human Anatomy Physiology II 3
EDU 3010 Human Growth Dev 3
FOOD 2200 Intro to Human Nutr 3
POLS 2100 Intro to Amer Government 3
SOCI 2000 Society Human Behavior 3
SOCI 2100 Princ of Sociology 3
Semester Credits:

Junior Fall

Junior Spring

Dept Id Title Credits
EDU 3000 Intro to Edual Psyc 3
HEDU 3200 Commun Chron Disease 3
HEDU 3210 Found of Pub Health I 3
HEDU 3400 Theory Practice of Health Edu 3
HEDU 3700 Public Health Stats 3
HEDU 3720 Intro to Epidemiology 3
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
HEDU 3000 Techl Writing 3
HEDU 3100 Environmental Health 3
HEDU 3420 Princ of School Health 3
HEDU 3600 Planning for Health Promo Health Edu 3
PSY 2100 Gen Psyc 3
PSY 3100 Abnormal Psyc 3
Semester Credits:

Senior Fall

Senior Spring

Dept Id Title Credits
General Elective 3
HEDU 4000 Comm Health Info 3
HEDU 4300 Research Methods Eval in Health Edu 3
HEDU 4500 Indep Stud: Special Topics in Health Edu 1-6
HEDU 4660 Pub Health Policy: Assess Advocacy 3
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
HEDU 4120 School Comm Health 3
HEDU 4220 Senior Sem 2
HEDU 4420 field Work in Comm Health Edu 6
Semester Credits:
Estimated Minimum Required Credits: 124

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