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Prepare for Your Search

Every communication counts when you are contacting a potential decision-maker. Whether it’s a resume, cover letter, or e-mail—be sure to do some research first. To be competitive, you need to demonstrate your knowledge of who they are and/or what they are looking for. You also need to know enough about yourself and what you’re looking for that you can present your skills, interests, and/or goals in a way that’s relevant to your audience. General, impersonal, or one-size-fits-all documents are not going to make the kind of impression that gets you to the next step.

Take a look at the resources provided below for more information on how to make sure you are prepared for your job search process.


In most cases, a resume is the first opportunity a student has to sell themselves to potential employers by highlighting strengths, skills and experience. It is one of the most important marketing documents helping to separate themselves from the crowd and showcase how their skill set is best matched to the job for which they are applying.

When creating a resume, it will be important to look at samples, read tips and evaluate the experience and skills of the applicant. We have prepared some resources to facilitate resume development, and have online tools to make the process easier. Of course, once a draft has been created, be sure to make a career counseling appointment with a counselor for further refining!

Creating an Effective Resume Tip Sheet (doc)
Creating an Effective Curriculum Vitae Tip Sheet (doc)
Samples of Resume Objectives (doc)

Cover Letters

Cover letters give a student the opportunity to demonstrate interest in the specific position for which they are applying and give students the opportunity to highlight their experiences in more depth than what is seen on a resume. It is also an important document in their job/internship search as it is the first introduction to a potential employer. Be sure to make a career counseling appointment to refine your cover letter once you have a draft.

Cover Letter Tip Sheet (doc)

Interview Preparation

A job interview can be an incredibly stressful experience. However, with the right amount of preparation, research and practice, it can be a great opportunity. Students should treat an interview as simply an exchange of information between two or more people for the purpose of communicating one's qualifications for a job. Sound too easy? By taking the right steps, it really can be!

After completing some research, be sure to set up a career counseling appointment for a practice interview. Counselors can also help prepare you for answering tough questions in an interview and help coach you on how best to navigate the interview process. 

Career Services has prepared some resources to help facilitate your development of interviewing skills:

Interviewing Tip Sheet
Dress for Success Tip Sheet

Networking Strategies

Most employers seek candidates who work well with others and demonstrate strong communication skills. Networking is a communication skill that is essential to jumpstarting your job search and gathering information from industry insiders. The resources below provide students with a starting point for their research and tips to help along the way. For more information and assistance on networking, meet with a career counselor.

Networking Tip Sheet

Social Media Networking
Did you know that social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter can supplement a job or internship search and make students a more interesting candidate to employers? Career Services has collected some resources on how social media can be an important part of your career growth.

Social Networking Tip Sheet

Professional Development Network Conference

The Professional Development Network (PDN) conference was designed to provide NCCU students with an opportunity to gain career skills and training to make them more competitive in today’s job market. The conference features a variety of workshops on networking, interviewing, communication, job search, leadership etc.  Students that attend the conference will have chance to learn and interact with career professionals and industry experts.  For more information on the Professional Development Network Conference, please view our special programs section on our website or contact Brian Mitchell.

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