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About the FAFSA

Generally, the financial aid process begins when you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  • Students may electronically submit a new or renewal financial aid application on the web beginning January 1 of each year.
  • Applying on the web allows students to track the status of their applications, make corrections and the processing time is reduced. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Education has designed the online FAFSA process so that the program is able to conduct edit checks that review information as it is entered for inconsistencies.
  • Students are encouraged to file the FAFSA on or immediately after January 1st to ensure that adequate time is permitted for processing and correction reprocessing (if applicable) to meet the March 15th deadline for state programs and the NCCU April priority date.
  • Please do not wait until July or August to apply for financial aid. Students who submit financial aid documents during our peak months (June, July and August) must allow 8 weeks of processing time. Therefore, an award package may not be prepared prior to registration.

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