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Self-Service Password Management

ITS emphasizes the importance of maintaining the security of your NCCU account.  Protecting your NCCU password protects the security of your work, prevents unauthorized access of your account and protects the campus network. It is with this in mind that ITS no longer changes and/or resets NCCU passwords via the telephone.

To maintain the security of your account, it is necessary for ITS to make positive identification of individuals requesting password resets.  In order to achieve this, we are asking that you use the Self-Service Password Management page. 

The Self-Service Solution uses the Web Interface to reset passwords.  Users can reset passwords by correctly answering self-created challenge questions or requesting a temporary password be sent to a secondary email account. Visit myEOL and click “Profile” in the Personal Assistant Category to set up your Secondary Email.  It is important that you do this, before you are locked out of your account.

Note: We strongly encourage all users to submit a secondary email address where temporary passwords can be sent in the event of an account lockout.

Visit  for steps to set-up your secondary email.

This procedure will help protect accounts and the personal information associated with them.  So please, take a few moments and click on the link below to visit our password management website and familiarize yourself with the Self-Service Solutions.

Note: To ensure that your password reset/change is successful it is imperative that you change the password on every device (phones, iPads, laptops, etc.) you have connected to your NCCU email as well.  Failure to do so will lock you out of you account, as the device will still attempt to "log in" with the old password.