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How Do I get access to WebFOCUS reporting system?

A request must be submitted from your supervisor to the helpdesk with attention to the WebFOCUS Administrator.
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Sometimes when I'm using MRE my browser locks up. What causes this?

The WebFOCUS Managed Reporting Environment is a Java application. Java applications tend to act unpredictable when shut down by clicking the 'X' in the upper right hand corner of the window. Whenever you are finished with an MRE window, make sure you use the buttons provided for ending the application such as "Quit" or "OK."
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What is Managed Reporting (MRE)?

Managed Reporting allows end users secure, self-service Web access to the information they need, when they need it? A distinguishing feature of WebFOCUS is that end users can process pre-defined, parameter driven reports with minimal training and proper authorization. For detailed information on the WebFOCUS components, check out the WebFOCUS Links for each component on the WebFOCUS webpage. Detailed information for each component is provided on the WebFOCUS webpage.
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What is the WebFOCUS Account Review Process?

The WebFOCUS Administrator reviews each User Account Request form to determine the appropriate level of user access. WebFocus users must have a completed Banner security form on file with ITS. The WebFOCUS Administrator creates the user account. The WebFOCUS User ID and Password are synced with the users AD account. All requests for access to student data are governed by the Federal Educational Family Rights and Privacy Act (aka FERPA).
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What is WebFOCUS?

WebFOCUS was developed by Information Builders Incorporated and is a comprehensive and fully integrated enterprise business intelligence system. The WebFOCUS architecture, permeates every level of the organization – executive, analytical, and operational – and makes data available, accessible, and meaningful to every person or application who needs it, when and how they need it. WebFOCUS Developer Studio, Managed Reporting, Dashboard and ReportCaster are components of the WebFOCUS platform.... (read more)
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What types of Banner access are available?

The Banner system serves as the central administrative system for housing data at North Carolina Central University. What types of Banner access are available? There are two types of Banner access, Banner Self Service and Internet Native Banner. 

The type of access needed varies depending on a user's responsibilities. Internet Native Banner (INB) is used by administrative offices in the student and financial areas to view and maintain data and process... (read more)
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Who are the WebFOCUS Developers in my area?

  Chevella Thomas
  Financial Aid    
  Cleveland Anderson
  Human Resources
  TBD read more)
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Who do you call if you are having a problem with WebFOCUS?

Contact the WebFOCUS Developer for your area to resolve the issue. If the Developer cannot resolve the issue, contact the Help Desk at 919-530-7676. The Help Desk will open a case. If the Help Desk cannot resolve the issue, the WebFOCUS Administrator will be notified. The WebFOCUS Administrator will research the issue to find a solution and notify the user.