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PDF Document FACES Scheduler Standard Business Practice
This document identifies the FACES Scheduler standard business practice when changing the state of a reservation request.
PDF Document FACES Schedulers
FACES Schedulers – there are several people who schedule locations all around campus. Here is a list of those schedulers and the locations they schedule.
PDF Document FACES Services Providers
This document identifies the campus services providers to be utilized to ensure the success of your event.
PDF Document FACES Training Guide
North Carolina Central University has branded CollegeNet 25Live for our campus; it is called Facility And Calendar Event Scheduling. FACES is the Series25 web-based facility request, event scheduling, calendaring and publishing system that makes requesting a facility for and event quick, easy and efficient. “FACES” is used to schedule facilities for all events on NCCU’s campus. In keeping with the university’s mission FACES seek to serve and enhance the educational, cultural and social opportunities through arranging for facilities for administrators, faculty, staff, registered student organizations, community profit and non-profit organizations or individuals.
PDF Document Facilities Usage Fees
Description: This document identifies the facilities usage fees for organizations (profit, non-profit), faculty, staff, and registered student organizations.
PDF Document NCCU Campus Parking Lots
This documents displays all of NCCU's campus parking lots.
PDF Document R25 - Preparing Data on Organizations and Contacts (Workbook 2)
This workbook tell you how to prepare the organization and contact data that must be in place before you can begin using R25® scheduling system for event scheduling.
PDF Document R25 - Preparing Data on Spaces and Resources (Workbook 1)
This document tells you how to prepare the R25 space and resources data that must be in place before you can begin using R25 for event scheduling.
PDF Document R25 - Preparing the Scheduling Environment (workbook 4)
This document tells you how to define your scheduling environment to the R25® system.The task described in this workbook must be done before you can begin using R25 for event scheduling.
PDF Document R25 FACES Bldg-Codes.pdf
This table identifies the building codes and formal building names that are used by FACES.
PDF Document R25 FACES Facilities Use Regulations
This document provides regulations that must be adhered to when using FACES to request a facility on NCCU's campus.
PDF Document Updating Registered Student Organizations
This document provides instructions to add, copy, edit or delete Registered Student Organizations using 25Live Administration utility.
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