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ITS Department

Keith Alston's photos

Alston, Keith A.

Network Technician

Telephone icon (919) 530-5035
Kenisha Armstrong's photos

Armstrong, Kenisha L.

Business and Technology Application Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-5093
Robert Banks's photos

Banks, Robert

Technology Support Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-7564
Gregory Battle's photos

Battle, Gregory L.

Applications Analyst Programmer-II

Telephone icon (919) 530-5026
Antwand Bell's photos

Bell, Antwand

Information Support Technician

Telephone icon (919) 530-6307
Dovella Black's photos

Black, Dovella P.

Technology Support Technician

Telephone icon (919) 530-7891
Jeffrey Bowser's photos

Bowser, Jeffrey S.

Technology Support Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-5087
Derek Brinson's photo

Brinson, Derek L.

Campus Webmaster

Telephone icon (919) 530-7151
Quebbie Brinson's photos

Brinson, Quebbie

Telephone icon (919) 530-6495
Grant Brown's photo

Brown, Grant L.

Tech Support Analyst- Journey

Telephone icon (919) 530-7751
Alexander Byrd's photos

Byrd, Alexander

Technical Support Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-6203
Kristy Caldwell's photos

Caldwell, Kristy L.

Executive Admin

Telephone icon (919) 530-5395
Antonio Collins's photos

Collins, Antonio

Telephone icon (919) 530-6812
James Davis's photos

Davis, James H.

Network Technician

Telephone icon (919) 530-7648
Yared Demisew's photos

Demisew, Yared

WorkAide\ ITS

Telephone icon (919) 530-7676
Brittany Dunn's photos

Dunn, Brittany J.

Student Intern

Gerard Edwards's photos

Edwards, Gerard D.

Technical Support Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-6743
Joel Faison's photo

Faison, Joel T.

Director of Network Services & Telecommunications

Telephone icon (919) 530-6919
Gaya Gaya's photos

Gaya, Gaya


Telephone icon (919) 530-7676
Anthony Glenn's photos

Glenn, Anthony

Media Technician II

Telephone icon (919) 530-5085
Charles Goins's photos

Goins, Charles E.

Telecommunications Equipment Tech

Telephone icon (919) 530-5382
Billie Hanes's photos

Hanes, Billie D.

Student Systems Manager

Telephone icon (919) 530-5086
Michael Hawkins's photos

Hawkins, Michael R.

Operations & Systems Specialist

Telephone icon (919) 530-5116
Leon Henderson's photos

Henderson, Leon

Media Technician

Telephone icon (919) 530-5092
Marian Holiday-White's photo

Holiday-White, Marian

Student Technology Support Manager

Telephone icon (919) 530-7753
Carolyn Hunter's photos

Hunter, Carolyn K.

Telecommunication Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-5090
Brinda Johnson's photos

Johnson, Brinda

Business and Technology Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-6347
Jennifer Jones's photos

Jones, Jennifer

Project Manager

Telephone icon (919) 530-5281
Michael Keziah's photos

Keziah, Michael S.

Technology Support Technician

Telephone icon (919) 530-7676
Leah Kraus's photo

Kraus, Leah

Chief Information Officer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7423
Dindo Liboon's photos

Liboon, Dindo

IT Operations Analyst 00

Telephone icon (919) 530-7676
Devon Little's photos

Little, Devon W.

Media Technician

Telephone icon (919) 530-7810
Calvin Martin's photos

Martin, Calvin

Networking Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-7664
Devin Mercer's photo

Mercer, Devin B.

Technology Support Technician

Telephone icon (919) 530-7538
Tamara Minor's photo

Minor, Tamara D.

Business Officer

Telephone icon (919) 530-5350
Zachery Mitcham's photos

Mitcham, Zachery S.

ITS Director of Security & Compliance

Telephone icon (919) 530-7171
Chanee' Moon's photos

Moon, Chanee' A.

Networking Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-6742
Courtney Nash's photos

Nash, Courtney

Network Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-7821
Stacie Nixon's photos

Nixon, Stacie

Operations & Systems Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-5282
Donald Nolen, Jr.'s photos

Nolen, Jr., Donald R.

Technology Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-6781
Damond Nollan's photos

Nollan, Damond L.

Web Services Manager

Telephone icon (919) 530-6399
Robert Northcott's photos

Northcott, Robert W.

Director, CCES

Telephone icon (919) 530-6364
Barry Oliver's photos

Oliver, Barry K.

Database Administrator

Telephone icon (919) 530-5215
Crystal Outlaw's photos

Outlaw, Crystal

Technology Support Tech

Telephone icon (919) 530-7754
Calvin Reaves's photos

Reaves, Calvin M.

Business & Technology Applications Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-7290
Michael Render II's photos

Render II, Michael B.

Web Developer/Graphic Designer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7066
Edna Robinson's photos

Robinson, Edna

Business & Technology Applications Specialist

Telephone icon (919) 530-5284
Galen Rosser's photos

Rosser, Galen

Work Aid student

Telephone icon (919) 530-7676
Vernon Samuel's photos

Samuel, Vernon H.

Tech Support Technician

Telephone icon (919) 530-6191
Joseph Sanders's photos

Sanders, Joseph A.

Technology Support Analyst/Team Lead

Telephone icon (919) 530-5096
Joe Schuch's photo

Schuch, Joe

Classroom Technology Specialist

Telephone icon (919) 530-5091
Shannon Simmons's photo

Simmons, Shannon F.

Technology Support Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-6021
Joshua Smith's photos

Smith, Joshua

Event Support

Telephone icon (919) 530-7148
Mary Tazewell's photo

Tazewell, Mary A.

Business & Technology Application Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-6789
Fonta Terry's photos

Terry, Fonta

Technology Support Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-7765
Dahn Thagunna's photos

Thagunna, Dahn


Telephone icon (919) 530-7676
Kristian Theissen's photos

Theissen, Kristian B.

IT Systems Programmer/Analyst

Telephone icon (919) 530-5037
Retha Tuck's photos

Tuck, Retha

Administrative Assistant

Telephone icon (919) 530-5084
Tamisha Waden's photos

Waden, Tamisha M.

Technology Support Technician

Telephone icon (919) 530-6787
Patrice Walker's photo

Walker, Patrice

Information Technology Manager

Telephone icon (919) 530-6780
Terrence Walker's photos

Walker, Terrence

Computer Consultant

Telephone icon (919) 530-5061
Christopher Waters's photos
Jonathan Whitehead's photos

Whitehead, Jonathan

Business and Technology Tech

Telephone icon (919) 530-5088
Joyce Williams's photos

Williams, Joyce L.

Administrative Support Associate

Telephone icon (919) 530-5395
Robert Wilson's photos

Wilson, Robert

Technology Support Technician

Telephone icon (919) 530-6747
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