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Sustainability @ NCCU

North Carolina Central University is committed to promoting and implementing long-term sustainability best practices in its policies, procedures, and actions as a good steward of the taxpayer’s money and in support of a better physical and academic environment for our students, faculty, staff, and society.

As the cost of energy continues to increase, the importance of designing new facilities and upgrading older facilities to reduce their operational costs is vital to the University’s fiscal well being, and for maintaining future growth as outlined in our Master Plan.  Updated design standards are being implemented in all new construction so that we can minimize future costs and improve the working environment at the University.

These policies also provide leadership for our students and staff in promoting environmental awareness and best practices that improve the environment of the University and society as a whole.  An important focus of the mission of North Carolina Central University has always been to prepare our students academically and professionally as leaders not only in their chosen professions, but also in advancing social responsibility in an increasing diverse global society.  Being environmentally responsible is now a vital aspect of acting in a socially responsible manner.  It is our hope that by implementing long-term sustainability best practices, we will help nurture one our core values.

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