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Benefits Overview

Health Plans and Programs:
Health Care
Dental Care
Workers Compensation
Flex Spending Accounts
Life Insurance and Asset Coverage:
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Long-Term Insurance
Home Owner Insurance
Auto Insurance
Wellness Initiatives:
Employee Assistance Program
Ergonomics and Wellness
Occupational Health and Safety
State Educational Assistance:
College Savings
Tuition Waiver
Employee Transitional Support:
Name and Address Change Notification
Qualifying Events
Retiree Resources
Exiting University Employment
State Retirement Plans and Programs:
Teachers’ and State Employees Retirement System (TSERS)
Optional Retirement Program (ORP)
Supplemental Retirement Programs
Phased Retirement (for Tenured Faculty)

Work /Life Programs:
Flexible Spending Accounts
Flexible Work Arrangements
University Daycare
Child and Elder Care Resources
Commuter Information

Sick Time
Flexible Work Arrangements
Leaves of Absence
Leave Program and Holiday