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Staff helping studentYou've made a wise choice in seeking assistance with your assignment- now what happens? The following are some answers to the most often asked questions about The Writing Studio and the services available here:

Just what can I expect to gain by coming to the Writing and Speaking Studio?

You can expect to be helped by knowledgeable, enthusiastic consultants who have been trained to help you with your writing. Consultants will not give you answers to your questions without thoroughly explaining them to you. Rather, consultants will help you to understand and identify your own errors so that ultimately, you can find and fix them on your own. Consultants will address concerns with you at your session so you leave with ideas and strategies to use as you continue to work on your assignment. Our business is creating better writers.

Can I drop off my paper and pick it up later with corrections made on it?

The Writing Studio is not a drop-off service. However, you may leave us your longer papers in advance and make an appointment for a consultant to go over her or his comments with you in a 30 or 50 minute session. This way the consultant will have had time to read through it and can work with you on improvements at your appointment.

Does coming to the Writing and Speaking Studio guarantee that I will receive an "A" or "B" on my paper?

The main goal of the Writing and Speaking Studio is to help you to become a better writer, and you will see improvement with regular sessions with consultants. But no, we cannot guarantee that professors will give certain grades on papers.

Will the Writing and Speaking Studio consultants automatically fix every error in my paper?

The Writing Studio's consultants will focus first on higher order concerns, or those patterns of errors that most affect the comprehension and flow of your paper. Higher order concerns include content, organization, and structure. Lower order concerns such as grammatical and mechanical errors will be addressed as well. The earlier you come into the Writing and Speaking Studio before a paper is due, the more concerns the consultant will be able to address with you.

Why not just use the "Spell Check" feature on my computer?

Spell Check is good for finding many misspelled words, BUT it isn't good at has some major limitations that may actually create errors where there were none! Spell Check also doesn't help you understand why an error is incorrect. It will "give you a fish," but it doesn't help you learn "how to fish" for yourself. 

May I receive help on a graduate school essay or another professional document not assigned in a class?

Yes. Anyone in the North Carolina Central University family may receive help on any writing tasks. Consultants help students with business letters, applications for law school and medical school, and many other higher-level documents.

Contact the Writing and Speaking Studio for more information at 530-6035.