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Scanning Services

The University Testing Center offers exam scoring services to NCCU faculty.  The test must be either multiple-choice or true-false.  To utilize this service, the student answers must be recorded on an NCS General Purpose Answer Sheet (Scantron sheet).  The University Testing Center does not supply the answer sheets/Scantron sheets.  These materials must be obtained through your department.

Create an Answer Key

  • Please complete one Scantron sheet with the correct answers and label this sheet as the “Answer Key.”
  • Make sure the answer key is placed on top of the Scantron sheets to be scored.
  • Make sure that all responses to be scored have been bubbled in on the “Answer Key” if you decide to drop a question, leave the corresponding answer blank on the answer key.

Administering the Test

  • Please make sure the student marks their answers on the Scantron Answer Sheet.
  • The student should be advised to use only a No. 2 pencil when marking the answers for the test.
  • When filling out the answer sheet, make sure all fields are “left justified” when bubbling in the corresponding ovals.
  • The answer sheets must be kept undamaged, no stray marks and when erasing make sure to use a good clean eraser.
  • If the forms are damaged in any way, the scanning equipment will not score the affected answer sheet causing the document to not be scored.
  • Please make sure the answer sheets are all stacked in the same direction when submitted for scoring.

Submitting the Test for Scoring

  • The Answer Key and Answer sheets must be bought to room 112 Taylor Education Building for scanning services (Drop-off and Pick up hours are 9:00am through 3:30pm).
  • The instructor must complete the Request for Test Scan Reports Form completely.
  • Please Note: All answer sheets must be submitted in a secure folder. You must provide your own secure folder.
  • Test results will be available for pick-up 48hours after the request is submitted.
  • Request for services should be submitted by Faculty/Staff or Graduate students ONLY.
  • No request will be accepted from undergraduate students.

NCS General Purpose Answer Sheet Order Information

Reorder Form No. 4521

Telephone 800-367-6627

Fax 507-451-4513

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