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Cyril Attiogbe's photo

Attiogbe, Cyril

Adjunct Associate Professor of Mathematics

Telephone icon (919) 274-8490
Ivy Baker's photo

Baker, Ivy C.

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6960
Ängela Bonner's photo

Bonner, Ängela

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6974
Christine Bouck's photo

Bouck, Christine

Training Specialist and Seminar Designer

Telephone icon (919) 530-7478
Evette Bridges's photo

Bridges, Evette L.

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-5344
Walter Brown, Jr.'s photo

Brown, Jr., Walter L.

Adjunct Faculty

Telephone icon (919) 530-6978
Antonio Bush's photos

Bush, Antonio

Adjunct Instructor

Telephone icon (919) 530-5235
Joelle Carter's photo

Carter, Joelle

Executive Director

Telephone icon (919) 530-6976
Calvin Coleman's photo

Coleman, Calvin D.

Research and Technology Officer

Judith Dunston's photo

Dunston, Judith

Executive Assistant

Telephone icon (919) 530-5235
Jarrett Eason's photo

Eason, Jarrett

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6915
Stephen Garlington's photo

Garlington, Stephen

Academic Counselor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7043
Rhonda Harrison-Lewis's photo

Harrison-Lewis, Rhonda A.

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7038
David Hood's photo

Hood, David S.


Telephone icon (919) 530-5235
Krystal Johnson's photos

Johnson, Krystal M.

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-5405
Deidre Kelly's photo

Kelly, Deidre L.

Student Success Services Counselor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6972
George King's photo

King, George W.

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6911
Leon Lassiter's photo

Lassiter, Leon

NCSU Master's counseling Graduate Intern

Samantheo Marcellus's photo

Marcellus, Samantheo P.

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6971
Vickie Morrow's photo

Morrow, Vickie

Adjunct Instructor

Telephone icon 530-6979
William Moultrie's photo

Moultrie, William R.

Interim Associate Dean

Telephone icon (919) 530-5119
Joyce Murphy's photo

Murphy, Joyce

Academic Advisor, Adjunct Professor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7035
Jacqueline Okoh's photo

Okoh, Jacqueline

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6975
Jacqueline Owens's photo

Owens, Jacqueline

SI/Tutoring Director

Telephone icon (919) 530-6973
Kweneshia Price's photo

Price, Kweneshia

Academic Counselor

Telephone icon (919) 530-7042
Shannon Pugh's photo

Pugh, Shannon C.

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6129
Jonathan Ricks's photo

Ricks, Jonathan R.

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-5409
Jennifer Schum's photo

Schum, Jennifer

Associate Dean

Telephone icon (919) 530-6658
Colleen Scott's photos

Scott, Colleen

Student Success Services Counselor Coordinator

Telephone icon (919) 530-5594
Cynthia Snair's photo

Snair, Cynthia A.

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6129
Sandra Stanford's photo

Stanford, Sandra

Academic Advisor - University College

Telephone icon (919) 530-6129
Kwadjo Steele's photo

Steele, Kwadjo

Coordinator of Student Athlete Academic Support Services

Telephone icon (919) 530-6759
Marian Stephens's photos

Stephens, Marian A.

Administrative Support Associate

Telephone icon (919) 530-6129
Angela Street's photo

Street, Angela

Training Specialist

Telephone icon (919) 530-6970
Delores Williams's photo

Williams, Delores R.

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon (919) 530-6977
Tameeka Williams-Burchette's photos

Williams-Burchette, Tameeka

Academic Advisor

Telephone icon 530-7036
Katherine Wulff's photo

Wulff, Katherine A.

Administrative Support Special

Telephone icon (919) 530-7684
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