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The athletic training program at North Carolina Central University has voluntarily withdrawn their accreditation and is no longer admitting students.  The date of voluntary withdrawal of accreditation coincides with the graduation of the last cohort in December 2019.  

The academic program in Athletic Training includes required classes the Departments of Physical Education and Recreation, Biology, Public Health, Human Sciences, Psychology and Nursing, as well as clinical and didactic classes. The major required classes, not including general education classes, are listed below. Students must earn a C or higher in all of these classes.

Freshman year classes include BIOL 1300*, NUR 2030 and BIOL 1610.  PEDU 2010, PEDU 2250-01, HEDU 4110 (or PEDU 3500) and BIOL 1620 must be completed by the end of the first semester of the sophomore year. These  classes are required for selection into the program. (See the program Admission Requirements for more details.)* BIOL 1300 is a pre-requisite for BIOL 1610.

Students apply for selection into the program by November 1 of the sophomore year. Once selected into the major, students must maintain a minimum of  a 2.5 semester and overall GPA. (See Program Admissions Requirements for more details.)

In addition to didactic classes, students must complete five clinical classes:

PEDU 2300, PEDU 3301, PEDU 3302, PEDU 4303 and PEDU 4303. In clinical classes students complete a minimum of 200 hours per semester at and approved clinical site in the athletic training setting. Students also have the opportunity to practice clinical integrated proficiencies , learned in Athletic Training classes, at the clinical sites with a preceptor. Examples of required clinical experiences include, but are not limited to: "Individual and team sports; sports requiring protective equipment; patients of different sexes; non-sport patient populations (e.g., outpatient clinic, emergency room, primary care office, industrial, performing arts, military); a variety of conditions other than orthopedics (e.g., primary care, internal medicine, dermatology)". (2012 CAATE Standards)

For a complete listing of clinical sites, visit the Athletic Training Program Clinical Sites web page. Look here for the 4 year plan.

BIOL 1300 Molecule and Cell Function 4
BIOL 1610 Anatomy/Physiology I 4
BIOL 1620 Anatomy/Physiology II 3
FOOD 2200 Introduction to Nutrition 3
HEDU 1531 Health 2
HEDU 2100 Community Health 2
HEDU 4110 First Aid and Safety or PEDU 3500 3
NUR 2030 Medical Terminology 2
PEDU 1130 Beginning Weight Training 2
PEDU 1541 Fitness 2
PEDU 2010 Musculoskeletal Anat. 3
PEDU 2250 Introduction to AT 4
PEDU 2300 Practicum 1 2
PEDU 3000 Motor Learning 3
PEDU 3201 Orthopedic Assessment I 3
PEDU 3202 Orthopedic Assessment II 3
PEDU 3202 Orthopedic Assessment II 3
PEDU 3220 Admin. Aspects of AT 3
PEDU 3230 Therapeutic Modalities 4
PEDU 3240 Therapeutic Exercise 4
PEDU 3301 Practicum II 1
PEDU 3302 Practicum III 1
PEDU 4110 Kinesiology 3
PEDU 4120 Exercise Physiology 3
PEDU 4130 Fitness Assessment 3
PEDU 4220 Seminars in Sports Medicine 3
PEDU 4303 Field Experience I 1
PEDU 4304 Field Experience II 2
PEDU 4410 Measurement/Eval 3
PEDU 4500 Adapted Physical Education 3
PSY 2100 General Psychology 3

Students should check with Program Director Carla Stoddard or Clinical Coordinator Elizabeth Jewell for further information.

NCCU complies with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in all programs and activities (including sexual harassment and sexual violence) in the University's educational programs and activities. For additional resources or to file a Title IX complaint, visit the NCCU's Title IX webpage.
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