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Goals and Objectives of the Dietetic Internship Program

Goal 1

Recruit, retain, and graduate more culturally diverse students to meet areas of critical shortages and areas of under representation in the dietetics profession.

Objectives Goal 1:

  1. Conduct a minimum of 2 recruitment activities per year.
  2. Annually, retrain 90% of enrolled students.
  3. Graduate 90% of enrolled students within 16.50 months (150%) of the 11 months of expected program completion.
  4. Over a five year period, at least 20% of students who are accepted in the dietetic internship program will be minorities

Goal 2

Facilitate students' entry into the dietetic profession as entry-level registered dietitians/nutritionist, and/or graduate schools in foods, nutrition and dietetics.

Objectives Goal 2:

  1. Annually, one hundred percent of the students will score 85% or higher on the exit examination after two attempts at the completion of their internship.
  2. Eighty-five percent of the program graduates will take their RDN examination within 12 months of completing the program.
  3. Over a five-year period, a minimum of 80% of DIP graduates will pass the RDN examination within 12 months following first attempt.
  4. Upon completing the RDN exam, 70% of the students will strongly agree or agree that the program prepared them well for the RDN examination.
  5. Over a five-year period, a minimum of 80% of program graduates who applied for employment in the field will secure jobs in dietetics, and/or food and nutrition related fields within 12 months of graduation.
  6. At least 25% of those who are initially non-master degree students will be admitted to, and/or complete a graduate program related to food, nutrition, and dietetics within 5 years of completing the DI Program.
  7.  Ninety percent of site preceptors will agree that students are performing at entry level competence prior to graduation.

Goal 3

Foster student's professional growth and development to become leaders in the profession.

Objectives Goal 3:

  1. A minimum of 80% of employers and site preceptors will indicate excellent, very good or good of program graduates preparation for entry-level practice. 
  2. A minimum of 80% of employers and site preceptors will indicate excellent, very good or good of students/program graduates leadership skills.
  3. A minimum of 80% of employers who respond to the one year post graduation employer survey, will indicate excellent, very good , or good with the quality of work performed by NCCU DIP graduates. 
  4. Over a 5 year period, a minimum of 10% of DIP graduates will hold an elected or appointed leadership position in a dietetics or other food and nutrition related professional association and/or serve in a managerial position.
  5. Annually, one hundred percent of the students will be members of the American Dietetic Association. 

The Program's outcomes data is available upon request from the Dietetic Internship Director. m

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